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Strangers From Hell webtoon ending explained: What happened to Jongwoo Yoon?

Strangers from Hell is also known as Hell is Other People. This webtoon is based on the Naver Webtoon webtoon series written by Kim Yong-ki. It ended a few years ago and let’s see how this webtoon ended up. Before moving on to the latest updates, let’s start by seeing what Strangers From Hell is all about. The webtoon tells the story of Jongwoo Yoon, a 20-year-old who moves to Seoul after starting an internship at a company. Yoon starts looking for a place to stay, but he finds Eden Studio, a cheap dormitory.

Yoon decided to stay in a cheap dormitory because he lived on a tight budget. He realized that he would save a lot of money while staying there. Yoon worries about the living conditions of his place and notices that the surrounding residents are abnormal, and learns that Seo Moon Jo, who is next to him, is also abnormal. Yoon put up with everything around him even though sometimes they bothered him and gave him headaches. Yoon decides to save money and plans to move out in the future.

But mysterious things start happening in the studio and it makes the residents of the studio afraid. Yoon goes through a lot of tragic events, but realizes that being friends with someone can help him feel safe. As days pass, he finds friends who help him, but they also hurt him. Yoon also finds the love of his life, which keeps him busy and gets him a new job, but the supervisor is strict. We will look at the end of this webtoon and other latest updates. Let’s find out what Strangers from Hell has to offer below.

Strangers From Hell Ending (Chapter 13)

This is the end of this webtoon. The story begins when the boys are taking a shower and Jongwoo notices Yoon spitting on his back. He asked a boy behind him if he was the one who spits on his back in the morning. Yoon wonders if his friends hate him and reminds him that it’s a misunderstanding because no one does. The boy reveals that he is not one to spit on anyone. The boys decide to settle the matter and talk about the cellphone call that happened the next day.

Strangers from Hell

He apologizes if he feels hurt since Yoon told him to lower his voice during that phone call. Yoon realized it wasn’t him, but he heard someone spit on his back in the morning. They apologize and Yoon admits that he got in trouble at work because of the saliva on his back. After showering, the boys decide to go to sleep, but Yoon goes to his room cursing his friend as the son’s b-word. Yoon believes that if someone has done something wrong, they should admit it and apologize. He realized that he should just let it go and forget what had happened.

Later, Yoon comes into his bedroom and decides to use his cellphone but realizes that he is tired. He started charting about work with his love Jiunni since Yoon said he was tired. Yoon reveals everything that happened at work with his supervisor. After finishing talking to his lover, he decides to find his beer and notices that it has disappeared. Yoon asks his friend about his beer and wonders if his friend should drink it. But his friend gives him some drinks from the shop he is at. Both enjoy drinking and eating together.

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Read Strangers From Hell Online – Raw Details

You can read Strangers From Hell online at various websites. This webtoon has not yet revealed its official website to read the latest chapter. But the 13th chapters are available online for fans. It ended with the 13th chapter released a few days ago. Let’s check out the latest updates of Strangers From Hell below.

Strangers from Hell

Strangers from Hell

Will Strangers From Hell return for another season?

Strangers From Hell’s official platforms have yet to announce the return of this webtoon for another season. But it may come back as there are still many mysteries to be explained. Most webtoons like Strangers From Hell always come back for another season because their ending shows signs of another season. This webtoon will bring new updates as soon as possible.

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