Sony Playstation VR 2 has play area and streamer mode

Virtual black and white perspective at the push of a button, a streamer and a cinema mode: Sony has presented details of Sony Playstation VR 2. The first Playstation VR has one advantage: if you just want to look around in the living room, you can fold the headset up relatively quickly and easily. With the successor Playstation VR 2, even that will no longer be necessary. At the push of a button, players get a kind of review from the built-in cameras – in black and white.

Sony explained this in the Playstation Blog and gave some related details. The play area can be set up as a kind of virtual cage so that it doesn’t bump into cupboards or walls.

“You can use the cameras to scan the room and use the PS VR2 Sense controllers to expand and customize the play area to suit your own playstyle and room environment,” the blog reads. Comparable systems already exist for headsets from other manufacturers, such as SteamVR.

If you want to film yourself playing with the upcoming headset and stream the result, for example, you can do this with the HD camera that Sony offers as an accessory for the Playstation 5 for around 60 euros.

Sony Playstation VR 2 First Look

A cinema mode is also planned for Playstation VR 2. This allows users to watch films on a virtual screen in HDR with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 24, 60 or 120 Hz.

Sony has not yet announced the price and date for Playstation VR 2. However, it was said that “soon” the release date and other news should be announced.

Insiders expect the headset to launch in early 2023. Sony itself is producing a game called Horizon Call of the Mountain as a potential system seller.

Sony Playstation VR 2: resolution and tracking

It has long been known that the headset will offer a resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 pixels per eye – the current Playstation headset has a total of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The frame rate is 90 or 120 Hz depending on the mode.

PS VR 2’s field of view is around 110 degrees. Using eye tracking (i.e. eye movements), players can make entries, for example by looking at an object or opponent.

Four integrated cameras enable inside-out tracking, so that no external sensors have to be set up. The upcoming VR glasses are connected to the Playstation 5 with a simple cable via USB-C.

In addition, the headset should offer haptic feedback on the head, for which a vibration motor is integrated. This can be used to simulate, for example, that you have just hit your skull on the ceiling of a virtual sewage system.

The next Sony Playstation VR offers adjustable lenses as well as foveated rendering. This is a technology in which eye movements are recorded in order to display the graphics with particularly high detail in the area of sharpest vision. The display is shut down at the edge to save computing power.

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