Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller: Price Design

If you own a PS5, it’s time to upgrade your remote and experience a much smoother way to play and enjoy your games. On the opening night of this year’s Gamescom 2022 Sony finally gives its users the long-awaited Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller.

This new and improved Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller far surpasses its previous version. Packed with many new exciting features that we’ll take a look at. But first let’s talk about the looks, which are quite similar to Dualsense. Nonetheless, it’s the new features that make it a premium buy for users.

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Reveal Trailer | PS5

Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller Compared to other controllers on the market, it is said to be on par with the Xbox Elite controllers. Even the storage unit of the Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller has the same design as that of the Elite range. Well, the PS5 owners with the basic Dualsense will be a bit jealous after seeing the packaging and storage pouch. All the more reason to buy the new one.

where to buy Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller?

Getting to the main point of the discussion, where do you get your Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller benefit and when will it be made available in your country? Countries like the US, UK, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium and France will be able to place pre-orders from October 25, 2022.

Interchangeable stick modules will also be available for pre-order along with the controller. And the worldwide launch of the new premium controller will take place on January 26, 2023. So if you need to pre-order or buy when it launches globally, you can only get it from Sony playstation store.

And since the Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller is in high demand after its unveiling, Sony has limited purchases. IE 1 per household. All you have to do is log in and place your order. Or create your account first if you haven’t already.

Sony also announced that the controller will be available at select retailers from February 23, 2023. So don’t worry if you can’t get yours while pre-ordering (just remember that supplies are limited). With a little patience, it will be made available in your area.

Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller is available for pre-order in select countries.

how much Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller cost?

Let’s talk about how much it will cost you to add whole new experiences to your gaming life. The Sony Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller is priced at $199.99 (US), €239.99 and £209.99. In India, the controller will cost Rs. 18990. All prices here include taxes, making them the final checkout price.

Suppose you’re also thinking about getting the swappable stick modules that can be pre-ordered. Retail price is $19.99, €24.99, £19.99.

Dualsense Edge: features and design

The unique selling point of the Dualsense Edge is its function. The new Dualsense is designed to enhance your overall gameplay no matter what game you’re playing. The first and foremost feature here is the customization option that it comes with.

The on-controller UI feature allows you to quickly switch between presets and profile controls. In addition, you can control the game volume and even control the chat. What’s even more interesting is that you can use it to control the distance traveled by your right and left triggers. You can adjust the same manually using the dedicated slide knob on the back near the shutter releases.

Dualsense Edge comes with extra buttons (Credits: Sony PlayStation)

Play games like Rocket League that need an extra set of buttons to perform tricks like flip reset, air roll, etc. Just rotate your controller to find a set of two additional assignable buttons. Every gamer must have experienced the drifting stick problem, and it’s not very pleasant.

Besides, it also affects your gaming experience. But you don’t have to rush to fix it every now and then. Just replace the entire module in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is order a new set from the Sony PlayStation store. You can now even have the pen caps replaced.

The USB comes with a lockable bracket to keep it in place and not slip out. Apart from that, the Dualsense Edge is ideal for long hours of gaming, be it story mode games or competitive multiplayer games. A built-in microphone, haptic feedback and motion control are the additional features of this premium accessory. It’s even compatible with the Dualsense charging station.

What comes with the box?

Here are the things to expect when you unbox the Dualsense Edge:

  • Inside you’ll find a carrying case to store the controller and associated accessories. So far Dualsense was not available.
  • A braided USB cable with connector shell.
  • Additional set of caps and knobs including: standard caps, high and low dome caps, half dome caps and lever knobs.
  • And most importantly: A wireless Dualsense Edge controller.

That’s all you need to know before you get your new Dualsense Edge.

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