Some Interesting Facts to the discovery of Methane Gas

Methane is a type of gas that has no colour and no taste and smell. This gas, found in abundance in nature, is one of the second most important greenhouse gases heating our atmosphere. This gas is the simplest molecule in the hydrocarbon molecule.

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Who discovered the discovery of methane gas?

Methane gas was invented in November 1776 by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta. He was born on 18 February 1745 and died on 7 March 1827.

He found this gas in a famous lake Mazor in Italy. After this, in about 1778, he was able to separate methane as a separate gas.

Thus naturally occurring methane gas was first identified by scientist Alessandro Volta. Alessandro Volta also invented the electric battery.

Use of methane gas:-

As fuel

Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquid methane for rocket fuel

Natural gas

Where is methane gas found?

This gas is found under the surface of the earth along with petroleum substances in the form of natural gas. Methane is also found in marshy land.

That is why it is also called marsh gas. Methane is produced as an end product by various biological, chemical, physical and geological processes and reactions beneath the Earth’s surface.

It collects in coal mines, due to which the incident of explosion and fire also comes to the fore.

Methane gas is also found in cow dung. Gobar gas plant is made by using cow dung in large quantities and then methane gas from this plant is delivered to the kitchen through pipes.

Methane gas is prepared in the laboratory by heating sodium acetate with sodium hydroxide and calcium oxide.

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