Some facts related to who discovered nitrogen, which are very important to know

Friends, nitrogen is used in many places, but do you know who discovered nitrogen? If not, then today we are going to tell you in detail about the invention of nitrogen & Some facts related to the discovery of nitrogen, which are very important to know.

What is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a major component of air. In terms of volume, about 78% of the nitrogen in the atmosphere is present. Its sign is N.

It is an element of group 15 of the periodic table and its atomic number is 7. A small amount of nitrogen is also found in the combined state in the form of nitrate. Nitrogen is also present in the form of ammonia and ammonium salts.

Nitrogen is also present in protein salt complex organic compound. Plants obtain nitrogen from the soil in the form of nitrates.

And organisms like us get nitrogen from plants in the form of protein. After knowing all this, all of you must have thought that after all, who invented or discovered nitrogen.

Who discovered nitrogen?

This element was first independently identified by Scottish chemist and physician Rutherford in 1772 AD. In this way nitrogen was discovered by Daniel Rutherford and it was invented in 1772 AD.

Nitrogen gas is prepared in the laboratory by heating a mixed solution of ammonium chloride and sodium nitrate to 700°C.

Where is nitrogen used?

(I) The first commercial use of nitrogen is in the production of ammonia, which is used in the preparation of ammonium sulfate salt fertilizer.

(ii) Nitrogen is also used to provide inert medium in metallurgical and chemical works.

(iii) Nitrogen gas is filled in the thermometer measuring high temperature in the electric bulb.

(iv) For artificial insemination of animals, their semen is kept in liquid nitrogen.

The process of formation of useful compounds from atmospheric nitrogen is called fixation of nitrogen. Nitrogen is fixed in two ways.

natural method

artificial method

The major compounds in nitrogen are ammonia, nitrous, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), nitric acid, amaranth and nitrous acid.

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What we learned today

We learned what nitrogen is and who discovered nitrogen?. Friends, we hope that you have liked the information shared in this article with your friends.

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