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Single Inferno Filming Locations: Where is the Reality TV Show Filmed?

Single Inferno Filming Locations – Single’s Inferno consistently entertained audiences and gave them a fun time to watch just like many other dating shows. However, in this article we will see all the filming locations of Single’s Inferno. This show is a Netflix Original and it aired its very first episode on December 18, 2021. Season 2 is ready and ready to be released on December 20th, 2022. Single Inferno Filming Location

Single Inferno Filming Location

In season 1 we saw many celebs like Lee Da-hee, Jung Han-hae, Jin Kyeong Hong, Soyeon Kang and many more. However, in the upcoming season we will see Shin Choi Jong-woo, Seul-ki, Park Se-jeong, Lee So-e, Jo Yoong-jae, Lee Nadine and more. The show’s leisurely pace, lack of illicit love affairs, and endearing cast all contribute to its high interest.

Feelings, connections and commitments are everything. Of course, during the show, the contestants open the gates of their hearts, shocks are revealed, and emotions are hurt. Bonds are made and broken just like that. So, without further ado, let’s go through all of the Single Inferno Filming Location.

About Singles Inferno

At Single’s Inferno, contestants set up a tent on the beach that was closer to nature, seemed surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, and looked for love on an island. The show is made that much more compelling by its premise and all the drama it creates.

Singles inferno season 1

It features 12 Korean singles actively competing with open hearts and open minds. The twist is that the competitors are left with nothing more than the basics on this secluded beach. They have the opportunity to learn more about each other and to connect if necessary.

But how do they get off the island? They can only escape the muggy abyss as couples en route to a brand new island paradise. They really dream of going to “paradise” to have the time of their lives throughout the show.

Single Inferno Filming Locations

With its stunning settings and love making and love breaking locations, Single’s Inferno has never failed to capture viewers’ interest. Since the beginning of the show, there has always been the question of where to shoot. Where is the island, the beach and the entire set of the show located? Please read through this part as we will be covering all the filming locations there.

South Korea

As many of you know, most of the show is filmed in South Korea. Without question, South Korea was the ideal filming location for this variety reality TV show. The venue did very justice to the show and the setup for the show. Some of the TV dramas and movies shot in South Korea are Parasite, Something in the Rain, Squid Game, Hunt and many others.

Saseungbong-do, Incheon, South Korea

Also known as “Sado,” Saseungbong-do in Incheon is a remote island off the west coast of South Korea that served as the show’s filming location. The island is known for offering spectacular sunsets, which made the location ideal for the show. For Single’s Inferno, the contestants pitched their tent on this beach and appeared to be flanked by stunning scenery.

What is it about

Saseungbong-do, Incheon, South Korea

Special boats are accessible on this island, so you can also visit the place. Everything is calm, beautiful and natural. It’s also quite romantic. As a result, Saseungbong-do, a stunning island, served as the backdrop for the entire island and a blissful atmosphere in Single’s Inferno.

Paradise Hotel and Resort

The Paradise Hotel and Resort was the destination where contestants had to stay throughout the show. It is the first luxury hotel complex in Northeast Asia built in Korean style. Supposedly, this contemporary resort was the place for all the romantic dates. It features an on-site spa, casinos, and restaurants, as well as luxurious, spacious rooms with artistic inspiration.

The filming location of Singles Inferno (2021)

Paradise Hotel and Resort

You should stop by this place whenever you come because it really is a work of art. The area’s beauty, however, caught the interest of viewers worldwide. Therefore, all of the filming locations were absolute paradise, and these settings greatly increased the show’s appeal and enjoyment. So these were all the Single Inferno Filming Location. Keep streaming!

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