Simple ways to add License Key to Blogger Theme 2022

Welcome, folks. I hope you are doing great. In this post I am going to show you a simple way to add a license key to Blogger Theme

Most of you will have seen that many people are attempting to steal your site theme from your blog.

How do they Steal Your theme?

Simple ways to add License Key to Blogger Theme 2022

People use website cloning software like HttpTrack Or Copy website source code from the Inspect tool that is available in every browser.

Benefits of integrating License Key to Blogger Theme

  • To Secure your site Resources From Theft
  • Allow only the Legit people to use your work

Steps to integrate the License Key

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Go To Layout section
  • There you find a Html/javascript Box Titled Enter Your License
  • Simply add your license Key on that Box and hit Enter

Now You Have successfully added your License Key To Blogger Theme


Is it safe to use a third party template instead of a blogger’s own template?

Yes, it is safe if downloaded from a trusted source like

Are the free blogger templates safe to use?

Yes, they are !

But be sure to check if there is any malicious code or hidden links pointing to unrelated sites.

Where can I find safe blogger templates?

You can get safe Blogger template from Themeforest, Gooyaabitemplates.

Which are SEO Friendly Blogger Themes

Mina, Feedify, are some of the best in class SEO Friendly Blogger themes.

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