SE Ranking Review – Features, Price & Pros, Cons (2022)

SE Ranking – Complete SEO suite for a good price

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SE Ranking Review summary

SE Ranking is a complete SEO suite for bloggers, affiliates, and SEO professionals. They offer everything you need in an SEO suite and are priced lower than the competition and alternatives. Their on-page SEO audit tool checks against 80+ parameters and the rank tracking tool is feature-rich. There are some SEO suites that offer a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. We love SE Ranking’s mantra “try it before you buy”.


  • Value for money
  • Price can be adjusted according to usage
  • On page SEO audit feature
  • Extensive feature in keyword rank tracking
  • No setup fee
  • Free trial and no credit card required


  • A keyword research tool is basic
  • What are the features of SE Ranking SEO tool?
  • When should you use SE ranking?
  • Should You Give Up Ahrefs or Semrush for SE Ranking?

We’ll look at all of this and more in this detailed SE ranking review.

What is the SE Ranking:

SE Ranking is an SEO tool that provides several SEO tools in one app. As the name suggests it is a search engine ranking tool, which is true. I started testing SE Ranking about a month ago, to get this cheaper alternative to SemRush and Ahref. For price-conscious marketers in particular, the SE ranking is a ray of hope.

It also offers a free trial (no credit card required), which speaks volumes for how confident they are in their offering.

Cost of SE Ranking:

Before we discuss the features of SE Ranking, let’s discuss the pricing part. The price of the SE ranking will be a deal maker for many.

SE Ranking offers 3 fixed plan and you can customize the plan as per your need to track keywords. Let’s talk about that for a while.

Feature Important Prof business
Pricing $18.72/month $42.72/month $90.72/month
projects 10 unlimited unlimited
Website Audit 30,000 150,000 450,000
Monitoring of backlinks 4000 backlinks 20,0000 backlinks 60,000 backlinks
Keyword grouper
On page audit 10 pages 30 pages 100 pages
SERP analysis 10 keyword/pages 100 keyword/pages 300 keyword/pages
Monitoring of page changes 100 250
White label

Here are the three plans with their features offered by SE Ranking

Which SE Ranking Plan Should You Choose?

Important plan:

This plan is ideal for bloggers and creators looking to optimize their website/blog for search engine. One can further customize this plan based on how many keywords you want to track. The cheapest plan costs $18.72 per month.

Pro Plan:

I recommend the Pro plan for SEO freelancers or a small agency serving a few SEO clients. Here you can track more data and even create white label reports compared to the Essential plan.

Marketing Plan:

I recommend a marketing plan for full-time SEO or digital marketing agencies. You also get all that and API access on the Pro plan.

Their Pro plan is the most popular and you should choose your plan wisely.

SE Ranking Discounts:

This is where SE Ranking gets interesting and especially for people who want to use SE Ranking mostly as a Google keyword rank tracking tool.

If you plan a few things in advance, you can save up to 60% off your total bill.

For example, if you change the keyword rank tracking update feature from daily to weekly, you’ll save 60%. If you choose a plan that updates keyword rank tracking every 3 days, you can get up to 40% off.

Similarly, if you prepay for 12 months, you will get an additional discount.

SE Ranking is a really cheap alternative to most popular SEO tools. But, what about the symptoms?

SE Ranking Features and Offers:

What I really like about SE Ranking is the ease of use. I started using it for rank tracking and was amazed at how easy it was to use. In fact, SE Ranking’s interface made me write this review of SE Ranking. Let’s dive deeper into the features of SE Ranking:


How you manage your multiple websites’ SEO projects on SE ranking. In the base plan, you can create up to 10 projects, and each project has individual features like rank tracking, website audit, backlink monitoring, and keyword grouping. The first thing you do to set up your SE Ranking account is to create a project.

It is very important that you set up your projects correctly. Here are two tips for you:

  • Add your competitors.
  • Add the search engines you want to track keywords for (e.g., Google India, Google USA).

And, don’t worry about making mistakes while setting up the project. You can always go back and edit your project settings.

SE Ranking Review: Website Rank Tracking

After you set up your first project, the next step is to add your keywords for rank tracking in SE Ranking. You can manually add keywords or suggest keywords to track SE ranking. SE Ranking Keyword Rank Tracker provides groups feature to easily manage keyword tracking.

While tracking keywords, you can track the position of a keyword in a specific country.

Here are the search engines supported by SE Ranking at the time of writing this review:

  • Google Mobile
  • Yandex
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • YouTube

SE Ranking Review: Website Audit:

Any SEO tool-kit is incomplete without a website SEO audit feature. SE Ranking provides a fast website audit tool that quickly scans a website to identify SEO errors, opportunities and data that can help you improve your website for crawl-ability and overall SEO.

Here are some things you might notice after your first crawl:

  • Pages with duplicate meta titles
  • Similar title and H1 tags
  • Duplicate meta description
  • 4xx, 5xx errors

I found SE Ranking’s website audit feature to be basic and they could add a lot more features. For example, features like

  • A webpage with a low text to HTML ratio (thin content)
  • Meta description exceeds xxx words
  • Meta title exceeds xxx words

Again, these are suggestions, but the overall website audit feature presents data in a neat format that you can use to optimize and fix your website’s technical SEO issues.

The cheapest SE Ranking plan allows you to analyze 35,000 pages.

SE Ranking Review: Backlink Checker and Monitoring

SE Ranking’s backlink monitor feature differs from many similar SEO tools. Here, you manually add the backlinks you want to monitor. This is ideal when you run a backlink building campaign and monitor the status of those backlinks.

If you want to check backlinks to a domain (including yours), there is a special backlink checker tool provided by SE Ranking. SE Ranking Backlink Checker tool is perfect for analyzing the backlink profile of any website including your competitors.

Within minutes, you’ll get a detailed report on every backlink and parameter data on the domains they’ve created and the web pages they’ve linked to. With this data, you get a complete picture of any backlink profile and can assess the value and quality of each backlink.

SE Ranking Review: Competitor Research

This competitive analysis tool is very useful for those who want to know the SEO secrets of an existing domain name. SE Ranking gives you a handy cheat sheet to stay ahead of the competition. Enter a URL or domain name into the SE Ranking competitor research tool and they’ll give you full access to information about their paid promotions and organic strategies!

This tool also compares your tracked keyword data with you SERP competitors. You can click on any competitor’s URL to discover their SEO secrets. Find out how any website is Driving traffic to their website (organic and PPC), and also find their ads and the keywords that drive them traffic.

SE Ranking Review: Keyword Research

The SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool looks basic, but offers all the necessary features:

  • Keyword Manager
  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Related keywords
  • SERP Features
  • Bulk keyword analysis

And many other features.

I can’t see the keyword gap feature and the SE Ranking team should consider adding it in the near future.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, there are more tools that they offer. Tools like

SE Ranking Review: Keyword Grouper

This is a keyword grouping feature that helps you avoid keyword cannibalism and group similar keywords. I talked about this feature earlier in my review of Cluster AI. A tool that I believe should be added as soon as other keyword research tools.

SE Ranking Review: Lead Generator

This tool is meant for SEO professionals and agencies to generate leads for their services. Using this tool, you can offer free SEO audit reports to your possible leads in exchange for their email. From here, you can contact them for possible SEO optimization service.

Lead generator A widget that can automatically generate qualified leads for your business as soon as you install it on your website. The form offers visitors to execute On-Page SEO Checker for free.

This feature is available in Pro and Business plan.

SE Ranking review: On-Page SEO Audit

This tool compares your target page and keyword with SERP competitors on 80+ parameters. It provides a detailed side-by-side comparison of your page with competitors.

You can find information like:

How much keyword density should you have for your target keyword?

  • How many internal links should you build?
  • How many more texts do you need to add?
  • If your technical SEO is correct, or you need to improve it

Like these, there are 80+ parameters that indicate SE ranking changes.

While we’re at it, I highly recommend you read the following two guides:

SE Ranking Vs. Semrush: Which is better?

SE Ranking Review

Comparing Semrush to SE Ranking is like comparing apples to oranges. Although SE Ranking offers many features that Semrush offers, it is far from being compared to Semrush. However, as a budget-friendly alternative to SemRush, SE Ranking has a special place among SEO experts.

Here is a comparison of the price difference between SE Ranking Vs. Semrush:

Above comparison table does not give true picture as price should not be the only criterion to compare two instruments. SemRush offers many features not available in SE Ranking.

Moreover, SE Ranking is being actively developed and you can use or add to your SEO tool watch list. For me, SE Ranking will definitely be on the watchlist and will continue to share more news and data as they grow.

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Conclusion: SE Ranking review

SE Ranking is recommended for its price and overall value for money. Features like rank tracking tool, competitor analysis, on-page SEO rank checker and backlink monitoring are some of the features that make me proud to introduce this tool to you.

Also, they offer a free trial without a credit card, which is another reason you should try this tool before deciding if it’s for you.

Now, this review of SE Ranking will be incomplete without your comment and feedback. I suggest you try SE Ranking and let me know your review, feedback and area of ​​improvement. If your reviews are useful to me, I will pass it on to the SE Ranking team.

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