Santan Saptami Vrat – Katha, Mahatva, Story, Santan Saptami Puja 2023

Santan Saptami fast, story, worship method 2022 (Santan Saptami Vrat, Katha, Mahatva). People fast on Santan Saptami to have children and ensure their well-being. The belief is that fasting on this day can help eliminate any troubles or problems their children may face. The fast is observed with a sense of urgency and haste to obtain the desired outcome.

Santan Saptami Vrat

Mothers observe the Santan Saptami fast to pray for their children’s long life. We have information about who is worshiped and how to perform the rituals on this day. Please read it carefully, as we’ll explain everything about it in detail and with urgency.

Santan Saptami Vrat Fast Date

As per the Hindi calendar, people observe a fast on the seventh day of the bright lunar fortnight of the month of Bhado. This day is also known as Lalita Saptami. The date of this festival varies every year.

Santan Saptami 2023

This year we will be celebrating Santan Saptami festival on September 3rd. The Muhurat time for the Santan Saptami Vrat Puja has been announced, which means the time when it’s best to perform the religious ritual. Are you ready to mark your calendars and be on time for this important celebration?

name of festivalChildren Seventh
when is it celebratedOn the seventh date of Bhadprad Shukla Paksha
when in 2022September 3
beginningSeptember 2 from 5:20 pm
EndSeptember 3 by 3:10 pm

Santan Saptami Mahatva

Women observe a fast to have a son and to remove their children’s sorrows and troubles. They follow all the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of their children.

Men also observe this fast together with their wives for the happiness of their children. This fast is done with brustiness and prexpelitiy because they want their children to be happy and safe.

Santan Saptami Vrat Puja Vidhi

On the seventh day of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha, parents fast to pray for a child or a bright future. They wake up early, take a bath and worship Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Parvati. It is considered good if the fast is completed by noon.

In the afternoon, they make a square and place an idol of Lord Shiva and Parvati on it. They apply sandalwood paste on the idol after bathing it, and offer Akshat, Shree Phal (coconut), and betel nut. After lighting a lamp, they offer bhog.

They tie a thread around Lord Shiva, pledging to protect their children, and later tie it around their child’s wrist. They offer kheer and poori as bhog, and rotate it three times with water and a Tulsi leaf in front of God.

They perform aarti with their family members, and express their wishes to God. The bhog is distributed as Prasad to all family members and neighbors.

Santan Saptami Vrat Katha

In Hindu culture, it’s important to listen to stories after worship, especially during fasts. The Santan Saptami fast is particularly important, and if a husband and wife listen to the story together, it’s believed to be even more effective.

Shri Krishna spoke about this fast to Yudhishthira and explained that Rishi Lomesh had advised Devki and Vasudev to observe it. Devki’s sons were killed by Kansa, causing immense grief to their parents. To overcome this grief, they were advised to observe the Santan Saptami fast.

Santan Saptami fasting story by Lomesh Rishi

Nahush was a king and his wife was Chandra Mukhi. Chandra Mukhi had a friend named Roopmati who was married to a Brahmin. They were very close friends and once went to bathe in a river where they heard about a fast that could help them have a son. They decided to observe the fast but forgot about it when they went home. Later, they both died and were reborn as animals.

After many rebirths, they were born as humans again. Chandra Mukhi was now Ishwari, the wife of a king, and Roopmati was Bhushana, the wife of a Brahmin. Bhushana remembered the story of their previous birth and observed the fast on Santan Saptami, which helped her have eight sons. Ishwari didn’t follow the fast and had no children.

Bhushana became jealous of her and even tried to harm her sons, but they were protected because of the effect of her fast. Ishwari confessed her jealousy and Bhushana reminded her of their previous birth and advised her to observe the fast. Ishwari followed the fast with all the rules and was blessed with a beautiful son.

Since then, people observe the Santan Saptami fast to have children and protect them.

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