Where To read Sakamoto Days Chapter 87

Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 will be released next week along with the new chapter of One Piece and My Hero Academia, and the events at the JCC are almost at an end. In case you forgot, amidst all the fun happenings lately, our character’s main purpose is to find the database so they can get information about Slur.

It’s really sweet to know that Satoda Sensei isn’t giving up information about the database because he cares about his students and doesn’t want them to get into a dangerous situation. Her deal is that if they can get a hit on her, she’ll tell them what she knows.

Meanwhile, Amane, tasked with disabling the JCC’s missile defense system, is also in a dilemma. Will he go through with it? Let’s talk about Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 in detail. What is Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 about? Well, we don’t know what will happen in the above chapter, but what we can do is at least theorize about it.

Furthermore, this article includes all the details you need regarding Sakamoto Days Chapter 87, including its release date and where you can read it. However, let’s refresh our memories with a quick recap of Sakamoto Days chapter 86. Here we bring you the latest Sakamoto Days manga series updates.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 86 – Recap

The chapter only focuses on the three of them with their plan to defeat Satoda Sensei, Natsuki adjusts the glove for Shin so that he can only see 0.5 seconds into the future. Natsuki tells Akira and him about their plan to distract the teacher, but Shin takes a hit on her.

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He says that even though they attack her, Satoda knows Aikido so it hurts and reflects their attacks. When Akira tells Natsuki how she can see her ways while they are fighting, he is surprised and thinks she might be a genius and help them overcome this.

They begin their plan to attack Satoda Sensei when she enters the gym to pick up an item she forgot, and Shin launches a surprise attack on her but fails. Akira goes to fight Satoda alone and the teacher is surprised to see her learning as he fights and it reminds her of Ryo.

When Akira sees a way to attack the teacher, it disappears as Satoda Sensei gets a little serious, but Shin comes in, jumps the same way Akira saw through his ability to see into the future, and Shin finally lands a hit on her.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Now that Shin has won over Satoda-sensei with the help of his new weapon, Natsuki and Akira, Satoda-sensei can finally tell them about the database. Since Akira only wants to know about her aunt, we can see her mentioned in Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 where Satoda Sensei praises Akira and tells her about her aunt.

The second major thing we can expect from the upcoming chapter is Shin, Natsuki and Sakamoto getting their hands on the database and learning more about Slur and his whereabouts. And the last thing Sakamoto Days expected from Chapter 87 was Amane in a situation where he could deactivate the defense system.

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Since his grandfather was also in JCC, he could see that he didn’t go through with it. But somehow Club Jam, Kanigiri goes inside JCC and starts killing people. Then Amane can stop them along with Sakamoto and the others and find a new reason to save the JCC.

Sadly, these are nothing more than speculations. As of this writing, raw scans and spoilers for Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 are not available. They usually come out a few hours before the chapter’s official release. Check out Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 release date below.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 Release Date

As mentioned earlier, Sakamoto Days will return next week without a break. However, every glossy manga is delayed by a day because the magazine is released a day later. Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 will be released on Monday, September 19, 2022 in the 42nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump.

New chapters of Sakamoto Days are released every new Sunday unless a break is announced. JCC school events will enter their climax in the upcoming chapter, so we recommend you not to miss them. Read the new chapters of Sakamoto Days below given information.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 Read Online

Sakamoto Days Chapter 87 is free to read on various online platforms vizmediaManga Plus, and The official application of Shonen Jump. The last three chapters are available for free, but you’ll need to switch to a paid subscription to access the entire catalog.

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