Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 Release Date, Where To read Sakamoto Days Chapter 84

Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 has a scheduled release date and will be released in the next issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump along with all other Shōnen Jump manga. Events at the JCC continue and Shin, Akira and Natsuki learn about the Trio database and are determined to win over Satoda Sensei in order to achieve each of their goals. Judging by this, the JCC arc is pretty long since the arc doesn’t even start for a day and has almost ten chapters. Let’s talk about Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 in detail.

Now that Shin has gotten his hands on the weapon, what will happen next in Sakamoto Days Chapter 84? Well, we’ve been thinking about the same question and in this post, we’re going to discuss the events leading up to the release of the chapter in Sakamoto Days Chapter 84. In addition, we will not only discuss the events of Sakamoto Days Chapter 84, but also drop other information related to the chapter, such as its release date and where you can read the chapter for free and legally. However, let’s quickly recap the latest chapter of Sakamoto Days. Here we bring you the latest updates of the Sakamoto Days series.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 – Recap

The chapter continues with Natsuki Seba telling Shin and Akira in Sakamoto Days Chapter 82 that he is the best weapon maker and will help them in this game of catching rats. Shin teases Seba and says that about them, but Seba insists that he is the best weapon maker and they should thank him. The trio wanders into the weapons manufacturing department looking for a weapon, where Akira is greeted by the boys who are happy to see a girl. When Seba asks Shin what kind of weapon he uses, Shin tells him by looking at Sakamoto that he ignores using weapons because only third-class assassins use weapons.

Natsuki Seba

Seba tells him that he needs to be armed even more because he is a third level assassin. Although it hurts to admit it, Shin thinks he is nowhere near Sakamoto. After looking around for a weapon for a while, Shin stumbles upon a glove that shuts down the brain limiter and takes a heavy hit, but it’s too late. As someone who can see into the future during battle, Shin thinks it would be the perfect weapon for him. Meanwhile, Amane searches for the database and Club Jam, one of the new members of Slur’s organization, ensures that he will not betray Slur and the others.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 continues the JCC arc, presumably with the trio trying to land a hit on Satoda Sensei. Now that Shin has a weapon that delays action, we definitely hope for some action between the students and Satoda Sensei. I’m sure these three will launch their attack by the end of Sakamoto Days Chapter 84. Shin is about to receive his victory, but Akira and Natsuki do their best to help Shin.

Meanwhile, Amane, a student at JCC, is doing his best to delete the database that our main characters are trying their best to learn. Since Sakamoto is also in the JCC, he definitely has a major role to play and I think he’s going to win against Amane or stop him. However, this is a series of events. Now let’s see how these three will defeat Satoda sensei. As of this writing, raw scans and spoilers for Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 have yet to be released. As soon as they are finished, we will update this section or create a new article for it.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 Predictions

Double spread!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 Release Date

As mentioned earlier, without pause, Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 will be released on Sunday, August 28, 2022 in the 39th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. New chapters of Sakamoto Days are released every new Sunday unless a break is announced. Be sure to read new chapters as they come out only on the websites mentioned below to help the author and inspire their work.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 Read Online

Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 is free to read on various online platforms vizmedia, thank youAnd The official application of Shonen Jump. The last three chapters are available for free, but you’ll need to switch to a paid subscription to access the entire catalog.

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