Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Release Date, Where to Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 83

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 continues with a game of catching mice but JCC is a weapon to help fight the old lady. Now we learn that everyone has their own motive to defeat Satoda sensei, including Seba. Satoda knows very well from the flashbacks we’ve seen that Akira wants to know about his aunt. However Seba and Shin have a common goal and that is to get information on the whereabouts of Slur and his new organization.

I was worried that Seba might also be under the influence of the slur, but the last chapter makes it clear that he wants to protect his little brother. Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Let’s talk about what we can have.

We’re curious about what’s going to happen in Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 and what kind of weapon Seba might have or is going to make. Well, we don’t know exactly what will happen in Sakamoto Days Chapter 83, but we can certainly theorize about it.

Furthermore, we also provide all information regarding Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 such as its release date and where you can read it for free. However, let’s jog our memories with a quick look at the final chapter of Sakamoto Days. Here we bring you the latest Sakamoto Days series updates.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 82 – Recap

The chapter continues with a colorful spread of Seba tasked with getting a hit on Satoda Sensei to get information on the database. Satoda was wondering if Sensei should be a little more serious. When she turns her back on them, Shin and Akira immediately plan to attack her, but Seba stops them, saying that attacking Satoda Sensei was a joke with no plans to use Aikido martial arts. When Shin asks why Seba decided to join them, the latter says that there may be Mafuis in Slur’s organization.

Double color spread

Then we have a look at Mafuyu and Tormaru, where they are kept in Slur’s hideout. They both decide to run away, but are stopped by Kashima, who tells them that a bomb the size of a grain of rice is planted inside them. Toramru is impressed by Slur’s look and she can definitely be a fan of Slur joining him now. Mafuyu calls out to Seba, who gives him a hint that Mafuyu needs help and that Slur has been placed in the organization. Seba says that she is an ace weapon maker and her plan is to get a hit on Satoda sensei.

What to expect from Sakamoto Days Chapter 83?

Now these three have their own motives to strike a blow against Satoda Sensei. Satoda became known as an Aikido master in the Assassin world and made it mandatory to learn Aikido, the martial art of turning an enemy’s opponent against them.

Seba is a self-proclaimed ace weapon maker, and we’ve already seen his best weapons, including his invisibility jacket. I’m convinced that either Seba is going to make a weapon that deflects the Aikido martial art technique, with the help of Akira and Shin, to strike a blow at Satoda sensei, or that he already has the weapon.

Either way, it’s fun to work with the trio to make a hit. Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 They succeed in getting a hit and getting information about the database. Unfortunately, these are just speculations. Check out Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 release date below.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Predictions

What is Seba’s new weapon?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Release Date

Normally, new chapters of Sakamoto Days are released every new Sunday. However, Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 will not be released next Sunday because it will be on hiatus. Not only that, but all the other shiny jump manga like One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Jujutsu Kaisen are also not releasing this coming Sunday because Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will be taking a break next week. Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 will be released on August 21, 2022 in the 37th issue of Shonen Jump.

An anime adaptation of Sakamoto Days is currently rumored to be in the works, and an announcement regarding an anime adaptation could be made at any time. Keep checking our website to know more about this soon.

Where to read Sakamoto Days Chapter 83?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 is free to read on various online platforms vizmedia, Manga PlusAnd The official application of Shonen Jump. The last three chapters are available for free, but you’ll need to switch to a paid subscription to access the entire catalog.

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