Saitama Vs Goku: Who will win now after Saitama powers up?

Saitama Vs Goku: Who will win now after Saitama powers up? Saitama Vs Goku is an evergreen debate that has no clear answers, and the fandom doesn’t take defeat lightly. But with these two characters getting power-ups left and right in their respective series, we need to reconsider who would win the fight.

By Goku is the first to get a power-up in Dragon Ball Super. Goku got one power-up after another, and he was on a different level than before. However, he doesn’t become that blonde. And then there’s Saitama, who was bald from the start, and hasn’t undergone any physical change since the power-up. He looks like the same old man, but his prowess is beyond measure. So, in a fight between the two, who would win if they fought fair and square?

Saitama vs. Goku: How did the two get along?

Saitama gained his godlike power during the fight against Gorou, and we also learned how his ability works. It’s a shame the second season wasn’t as good because that’s the fight we love to see. Seeing that a punch man is limitless in everything, regardless of (physical attributes), puts him above all the characters in his universe. But it’s not the mainstay of the series or Saitama Vs goku

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There are also some major power-ups in Goku’s path. From Super Saiyan to Ultra Instinct, he’s the highest he’s ever been (although his hair hasn’t changed much in Ultra Instinct). But Goku Powers Up is a bit more realistic than Saitama. He can get stronger through fights but must be defeated first. The fastest way for him to grow stronger during fights is to fight between Senju Beans. But even if Saitama VS Goku had a grand fight, Goku is not the one to resort to those methods.

Who will win Saitama Vs Goku?

It all comes down to the Saitama VS Goku debate. This is the answer that everyone wants no matter how many theories are put forward and how it is set up. However, it is fair to say that there is a lot of emotion involved in fighting. Goku fans don’t want to see him lose and neither do Saitama fans. Even if there is a correct prediction of who will win, there will be counterarguments that make the characters behave in a way that is not exactly likable. Take Goku, for example; He is a battle maniac who gauges the level of his opponent and puts in full force only if necessary.

Saitama VS Goku

In Saitama’s acquired power-up, he still fights him at his lowest and sees what a punch man is made of. Due to the Saiyan’s bad habit, if the fight goes on for too long he will lose. So he has to hit Saithamma with the first blow. Well, that’s not much of a fuss, is it? However, both series are going on and Goku is able to gain a new power on his way that makes him stronger than Saitama. In the end, we’ll never know until the creators fight the two. Saitama Vs. Goku was inconsolable.

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