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Saints Rows: Locations of all significant collectibles

You will get a mission called Officer Decor. In it, Kev teaches you about the collectibles in the game. More specifically, he shows that when you take photos of certain objects, you gain the power to place them in your home.

So in the Saints Row reboot, you’re not picking up collectibles – you’re taking pictures of them instead. This system means there is no size or weight limit on them, which is why there are large collectibles in the game. But just because something is big doesn’t mean it’s easy to find. So here’s a guide to finding them all.


Saints Row:Western Chuckwagon location

The Western Chuckwagon is in the northwest corner of the map, deep in the Badland’s North Region. You can find it in an old western town near some shooting gallery targets.

Saints Row:Location of the Triceratops skull

In the middle of lakeside northdo you think …? Find the Museum of Santo Ileso. The Triceratops skull is right in front of it. You can’t miss things as they are huge.

Saints Row: Novelty cowboy hat site

The Novelty Cowboy Hat collectible has its own small collection area on the west side lakeside north. The item is near a road and has behind it a curved LED screen.

Saints Row: location of the windmill

You can find this collectible in the southwest corner of the east apartments Region. There is no debate as to whether this is considered a great collectible as it is a giant windmill that sits outside of a German spa.

Saints Row: Location of the owl windmill

There is a strange looking windmill in the Wasteland South Area that serves as a collectible. It’s on a hill, right outside of a fancy little town.

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Saints Row: Cactus Cowboy location

The collectible Cactus Cowboy is located at the bottom of the Wasteland South Region. It’s easy to identify because not only is it a giant cactus, it’s also has a large human head on top. You will find it next to a road.

This collectible is towards the center of the the golden one Region. It is a large metal bunny sculpture. However, it’s not the biggest in the area as there is a giant, colorful musical note behind it. So look for the note to find the rabbit.

Saints Row:Tirepede location

The Tirepede is a work of art in the Mercado Region. It’s a centipede made out of tires. The thing stands outside the public library.

Saints Row:Location of the liquor bottle

In the southern part of Western Providence Region there is a small bar called The The little big bar. There is a large bottle on its roof which is the collectible.

Saints Row:Location of the Captain Eagle statue

You can find the Captain Eagle statue in the Rojas desert in the south Region in the southeast corner of the map. The place houses a few different sculptures. search for proud eagle on the top of the cliff.

Saints Row:Location of the Thunderpump sign

This is located opposite the Ringers clothing store in Rojas desert in the south. It’s outside a gas station. The sign you are looking for is not the one with words. Instead it is two lightning-like looking arrows.

Except for Twin Coyote Arcade in Rojas desert in the north are two metal coyotes. They serve as a quick travel point and also a great collectible.

The collectibles are Grisly Bear and Metal Vulture right next to each other. You are heading towards the southern part of the Old Town East Region. Both are metal sculptures.

Location of the giant golf ball

Unsurprisingly, the Giant Golf Ball outside of a country club. Said club is located in the northern part of the Monte Vista region. It’s right at the entrance so you can’t miss it.

Oversized boot position

The collector menu states that the Oversized Boot collectible is a mission reward. However, some people have played every mission in the game and still haven’t unlocked them. Luckily it’s on the east side of the Montevista region so you can Add it to your collection with your camera instead of this.

Location of the Ice Cream Statue

Head to the southern part of for this collectible Marina West, near the water. This is an ice cream statue in front of the Twisty Creamy store.

Location of the Atlas statue

The Atlas Statue is powered on the island in the middle of Lake Sebastian. The collector’s item is easy to find as it is much brighter than anything else on the island.

Additional large collectibles

There are a few great collectibles in the game that you don’t actually find. Instead, you unlock them in different ways. Here are all the extras:

  • Devil’s Egg – Unlocks with DLC
  • lit chick – Unlocks with DLC
  • JimRob statue – Complete JimRob Venture
  • KAKTS radio tower – Complete the KAKTS radio station venture
  • Saint’s Discord – Build Tower of Saints (Epilogue)

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