Ruri Dragon: Why is there no new chapter this week?

If you are an avid manga reader, you might have heard of this new manga called Ruri Dragon. Today we talk about Ruri Dragon: Why is there no new chapter this week? Let’s discuss why there is a delay in the release of the new chapter. Ruri Dragon is famous. However, this delay may leave fans a bit confused.

The manga series Ruri Dragon has a very engaging plot that combines humor and slice-of-life elements. The latest manga series serves as a surprise gift for readers and now Ruri Dragon, the recently released shonen manga is available to read online. It’s about a girl who is lazy as hell, laziness is her passion and passion too. She finds out she’s half dragon, and she’s trying to deal with her life and now being a lazy person living with this new discovery.

According to Brian Salvatore of Multiversity Comics, who reviewed the first chapter, the art and tone address the contrast between Ruri and her environment in a way that combines humor and absurdity, and the progression of the story “seems natural to real life.” The humor is admirable, but according to Screen Rant’s Steven Blackburn, the chapter relies too much on it, which prevents the relationships between the characters from developing.

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Ruri Dragon: Why is there no new chapter this week?

All readers must be wondering why there is no new chapter this week. Well, we are here for a reason. Due to Masoki Shindo’s declining health, the Ruri Dragon manga will be put on hold indefinitely until Sunday, July 31. As a result, publication of Chapter 7 was delayed. An editorial department note from the magazine explaining the situation was released on the unofficial Weekly Shonen Jump News Twitter account.

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New release date confirmed for Ruri Dragon Chapter 7?

A revised launch date for Ruri Dragon Chapter 7 has sadly not been announced, and no one seems keen to reveal any potential motives after learning of the long hiatus. Despite some social media posts saying otherwise, it is remarkable that the show was not cancelled. This is especially true since I took another week off earlier this month for the exact purpose. Chapter 5 “reads like the final chapter,” according to the editorial, author Shindo stated in a blog post for Wiz Media. But it’s not! There will be more! I kept thinking about what was going to happen.

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So let’s hope for good health for the mangaka and the return of the popular manga series.

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