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Roblox Doors 2: Trailer, Leaks and Teasers

Roblox Doors, a recently released horror game from developer Splash, is rapidly gaining popularity. Since its release, many players have been asking the question; When will Roblox Doors 2 release? The Doors developer heard our cries for teasers and clarified several images and questions regarding the upcoming update. Let’s have a look at some more leaks and teasers.

Roblox Doors, the game that everyone has been patiently waiting for, especially when it comes to the Hotel+ update, may actually be delayed after an important post by the developers on Twitter. And many players are upset by this. Definitely quite a scene, especially around New Year’s, but you know we have to talk about it!

Roblox Doors 2 update trailer breakdown

Let’s break down the Roblox Doors 2 floor update trailer. First, right off the bat, the first scene we see is an infirmary. This is a new area of ​​the hotel, basically a hospital room. And then in the hospital, we actually have a closed door. And if we look closely, the character actually has a skull key.

Originally, the skull key was going to be a key that could open any door in the game, but it was a bit too powerful, so they replaced it with a lock pick. Looks like Skull Key is making a comeback. I’m not sure what’s going to be behind that door, maybe like a new shop and a new NPC, a new entity, some sort of boss room or something.

Next, we have a truly brand new light source. It’s just a candle, but it goes out whenever an entity is near. That way, whenever there’s a rush or an ambush, the candle will go out and you’ll know if you’re not listening.

There is also a different kind of room here. Not sure if there are new mechanics or not. It also looks like we’re going to get much bigger rooms than we have now. Doors Floor Update The room at the beginning of the trailer is huge.

And this next part is really interesting because the player is holding a cross. Rush enters the room, the cross activates and it actually locks Rush to the floor. I imagine it will probably be a one-time item.

Use it once, it will protect you from any nearby company, and then it will probably break and you will have to find another one. And judging by the tagline for this update, “The Rules Have Changed,” I’m guessing this refers to the fact that we can now attack entities with the cross and some other objects.

One last thing I picked up in this big room in the trailer: in the picture frame next to the bed, we can actually see a picture of Greed. It is in the painting itself. Greed is, of course, a fan-made company. Usually, he works.

Whenever you are very greedy, you start picking up a lot of things to come out and attack you. If you also remember, we actually had a depth entity in the last teaser trailer that they put out on Twitter, so maybe we’re going to get Greed and depth as actual entities in the game.

Greed is the entity

Roblox Doors 2 Release Date: Doors 2 is getting delayed

So, yes, Roblox Doors 2 is getting delayed. It all started just in time for Christmas 2022, right on the Roblox Doors official Twitter account, with a surprise tweet regarding an upcoming hotel update for the game. As mentioned, “Regarding the Roblox Doors 2 update, unfortunately, it still needs work.

We’re giving it our all! Unfortunately, development takes time. Please wait or whatever suits you. In a subsequent Twitter update, they wrote: “We would like to express our regret for simply announcing the release date without first estimating how long it will take to build the update….”. To be honest, the response was good except for one small thing.

As for the developers “update and drum rolls,” those of you using Twitter on mobile phones should know that a notification pops up that reads at the start of a tweet.

This meant that many players were hyped to see a banner about the news in the update, only to find out that more work needed to be done and that the update might actually be delayed until the end of January. The amount of people talking about their frustrations with the game is honestly surprising, especially from people who say they won’t play Doors until the update.

Even for a gamer demanding an accurate release date estimate for the game, it’s got some appeal, though I don’t know Roblox Doors 2′ developments. We got a post from the game’s official developer: “Many people have been asking about the Roblox Doors 2 update status.

We’re currently working on a really cool content patch for the Hotel before the Roblox Doors 2 update, which brings a lot of content to the current part of the game and fills in a lot of underwhelming spots that we’ve received criticism for. Even if you already beat the hotel, you need to replay for this update”.

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The Roblox Doors 2 update will take a little longer

Coding large complex games like Roblox Doors 2 takes a lot more time because there are so many features to program. From seeing all the leaks in the past, the amount of modeling and coding required for many of these mechanics is literally off the charts!

Clock mechanics in update

Clock mechanics in update

The developers had previously said that they would have to postpone the release until the end of January if they could not continue the work. But other YouTubers like FGTEEV are okay with it. I mean, I know releasing an update in January isn’t the best scenario, especially with everyone going back to school and nothing.

But it’s always best for developers to not rush their work so that we can experience something absolutely amazing in the game. But the developers don’t seem at all worried about what’s going on, especially when they mention whether or not they should be patient.

Although many players are upset about the announcement, many are aware of the process and they actually require the developers to delay the update, even until February if necessary, to make sure everything is as accurate as possible. To be honest, February would probably be a bit longer, but a January release would definitely be nice.

Screech is an expensive upgrade

However, we have some good news. Regarding the official Screech plushy that the Roblox Doors 2 have been marketing lately, they claim that if they don’t reach 200 sales, they won’t make it, but guess what?

The developers were able to 100% fully fund the campaign in just 22 minutes, and with 843 currently sold, the plushie will indeed happen! They’ve already picked winners for the giveaway, so if you’re one of these people.

And the developers are looking to make another plushie right away, posting this poll asking if you’d like to see the Seek or the figure together! Currently, Seek is leading with a 20% advantage, which is interesting. But the developers are working really hard to make everything happen especially for this update, when do you think the official update will arrive?

Screech is expensive

Screech is expensive

All Roblox Doors 2 update

Well, if you play Roblox Doors 2 and you probably know that Doors accounts Twitter, if not, you can actually go on Twitter and follow Doors – Roblox Horror Games. Because they usually have leaks and stuff like that.

Also included are the creators of Doors: Lightning Splash and RediblesQW. You should always check these guys out. Make sure there’s probably a new leak or something. Anyway, if you haven’t been here in years or you really don’t have Twitter, there are things posted in the leaks from the Roblox stores that you’ve never seen before.

Now, they were probably added a long time ago, but without the time and need to improve all of these things, it wasn’t really added. So I will tell you everything that has slipped from the beginning until now, and these things may come out in the future.

There are two updates we are still waiting for. First, it’s the hotel update, then the floor 2 update. First of all, we have a small window that looks like some faces are looking at us. We don’t really know for sure, but it looks like they might be leaking upcoming monsters.

Probably not, because if you check out the window from the lobby there’s this little monster in play right now. It’s not actually in the game yet, but it might come to the game in a future update. It is very likely. It is possible. We don’t know yet because it’s not official yet.

Wooden room and skeleton key

Here is another place with some wood and a very dark room, you can see on the other side, with a small door that has some light in it. Now, this is obviously an actual screenshot, with no context, so I don’t really know what it means. But there it is. Maybe a new mission where you need a crowbar to get into a room while fighting monsters.

Skelton Key

Roblox Doors 2 update Skelton Key

Then, we have the skeleton key. Now obviously, we all know that the skeleton key is coming to the door due to leaks. But basically I wouldn’t call them leaks as there are mostly updated videos. They aren’t really leaks if the developer themselves leaks them.

But it’s definitely coming to the next Doors update, maybe this hotel will be updated. We have this new hole in the wall. Of course this is already known. This will probably come in a hotel update.

I don’t know if monsters can’t break down doors or if there are holes in the wall. And that’s like a second way to pass through the hotel. It’s likely to come in a hotel update, and I don’t really know how it works, but it looks pretty cool.

Juke box, contract and library

Next, we have this jukebox thing. I know it’s not called a jukebox. I know it’s not called a musical box. Anyway, this thing reminds me of that little thing in Endless Doors, that music thing. However, now the game has music. They kept the lobby music at its best, or I wouldn’t have been cool. Remix.

Also posted some papers with ink bottle pictures. We now sign up a contract to pay rent to play Roblox Doors. Then we got a picture of this wooden staircase leading up to the door. Then there’s this library sort of picture. It looks so cozy and I would probably live here.

Of course, it depends. Suppose there are monsters, then maybe not. But it looks like it’s probably not for doors because of windows. That’s all bright and stuff, but what if this is the worst level of bright? There may actually be some monsters that thrive during the day.

Maybe some kind of library update

Maybe some kind of library update.

Hotel update teaser images and difficulty levels

The first teaser image from the hotel update shows a broken wall section peeking into the room. Image caption “I heard your mother fell here. I hope she’s okay.” The second teaser image shows a new room with a set of drawers, a wardrobe and a mysterious black figure on the right.

If you’re wondering about harder mods, Twitter user Ultimate asked, “Will you be adding a hardcore mod to doors?” The response was, “Straight-up difficulty modes are not what I intended. I find that the game’s current difficulty level is just right, and the idea of ​​making creatures spawn more often on hard mode bores and tires me. The update contains some content, however, that presents a fresh hurdle”.

These are all updates. It is very good and very promising. I’m more excited for the Roblox Doors 2 update, but I’m more excited for the Hotel update because I want an update. I really love Doors, one of my favorite games on Roblox. And I can’t wait for the next update.

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