Rewards for FIFA 23 Prime Gaming for October 2022 and instructions for connecting your Amazon account to FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Prime Gaming: Get free FUT packs and players every month. FIFA 23 has its debut release with the current October Prime Gaming incentives, continuing the previous entry’s partnership with Amazon Prime.

You may link an Amazon account to FIFA 23 and take advantage of fresh FUT packs and players every month as long as you have a Prime membership.

Rewards for playing FIFA 23 Prime Gaming in October 2022

Following the release of the final FIFA 23 Prime Gaming pack in September, we received the first FIFA 23 pack on October 18.

FIFA 23 will now have a new drop for subscribers once a month, much like with the game from last year.

The current October 2022 FIFA 23 Prime Gaming awards are as follows:

  • Players Rare x7 Gold
  • Minimum OVR of 81+ for x2 Player Pick
  • Rare Consumables x12
  • x1 Mbappé on a loan for 5 games

These are some extremely helpful advantages to have in FUT, and Mbappé’s performance in five games with you might make the difference between you winning the weekend Rivals match or not.

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Link FiFA 23 To Amazon Account

Link FiFA 23 To Amazon Account

You must first ensure that your Amazon Prime membership is active before linking it to the EA account connected to your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in order to receive Prime Gaming incentives. Even if you merely have a free trial of the subscription service, you can still earn FIFA 23 Prime Gaming awards!

Here are the procedures you must follow in order to connect your Amazon account to FIFA 23 once you are certain that you have an active Amazon Prime subscription, a current payment method, and an OTP set up on your account using your current mobile phone number:

  • Log in, visit the FIFA 23 Prime Gaming website, then select the bundle you wish to buy.
  • Choose “Go to Electronic Arts” and grant Amazon access from the drop-down menu underneath the “Link game account” area.
  • Select “Link Accounts” after logging into your EA account that is connected to FIFA 23 and FUT.
  • In the FIFA 23 rewards menu, click “Complete claim” after selecting “Return to Amazon.”
  • Launch FIFA 23 and click “Store” in the Ultimate Team menu.
  • To redeem the rewards in your Prime Gaming pack, open it.

Linking your Prime Gaming account to the same EA account used for FIFA 23 and FUT is crucial. If you don’t, a different EA account will receive the incentives. You would need to connect that different account to FIFA 23 through Xbox, PlayStation, or another platform in order to receive the incentives in this situation, but all of your previous FUT progress would be gone.

If you accidentally link to the wrong account and have already claimed the awards, you must restart your FUT adventure in order to recover them. However, you can visit EA’s customer site to update the EA account associated with your Prime Gaming account once every six months.

Make sure your default payment method is still valid, that it hasn’t expired, that an hour has gone since your claim, and that you’ve restarted FIFA 23 numerous times if you experience any additional problems while joining your accounts.

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