Where To Read Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67?

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67

Instructions for Regressor After Hyungsun is appointed the New Blue Guild Master, Chapter 67 continues. As the acting vice Blue Guild Master, Sanghee opted to abdicate the throne and leave Hyungsung in charge. Gedrick discovered that Hyungsung had been appointed the vice of the New Blue Guild after he had assembled the first group of people he would work with. Gedrick starts experimenting with fresh ideas for their crew.

Since it was their first day following the reconstruction of the New Blue Guild, Hyungsung consented to Gedrick hosting the gathering. Hyungsung is aware that everyone may enjoy the party without any wars or commotion. Additionally, Gedrick decided on new regulations and selected the Guild’s new attire. He discloses that they are creating rules for the Dream Guild that everyone would like.

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67
Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67

Gedrick explains how each team member will participate and have fun swimming. Hyungsung discovers that Gedrick is a skilled party host. This prompted Hyungsung to demonstrate to them that he is a party animal and start flexing, flaunting his good looks and physical attributes. The lads are reminded by Sanghee and the other girls that making mistakes is okay, and they start acting as Gedrick instructs them to.

When they discover this is the day the New Blue Guild was reborn, they want this to be the event they will remember. Sanghee observes that Gedrick enjoys swimming with females and that he and the female companion look excellent together.

Gedrick and the Blue Guild members agreed that this was the best party they had ever attended. They must, however, make this celebration more exciting before it finishes because they are aware that they will be working hard following this party. To Paran, everyone yearned to travel. Additionally joining the group is Hayan, who discovers that the Blue Guild has two close allies.

Chapter 66 of the Regressor Instruction Manual previously

The N0. 2, the Black Swan Guild, one of the largest guilds, is also revealed as the party goes on. In addition to joining the celebration, the Mercenary Queen was identified as the second best buddy. Cha Heera, the King of Lindel, is the mercenary Queen. Cha Heera can always defend Gedrick because of her unwavering devotion for him.

Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67
Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67

Hayan also has an unwavering passion for Gedrick; she has repeatedly passed away for him but been reborn. In order to save Gedrick, the Mercenary Queen also defeated a thousand armies. Wine is enjoyed by Gedrick, Hayan, and the Mercenary Queen together. The fact that one woman was on his left and the other was on his right made him happy.

The group finds that they have excellent meals and fine wine every night since there are no worries at the New Blue Guild. They are aware that as soon as things start to go well, the adversaries would come into view. Gedrick understands that Hayan and The Mercenary Queen will be to blame if he becomes pampered.

As the celebration came to an end, Gimo sang for everyone. The Blue Guild is a home for anyone who wishes to be transferred, as was made clear to us when we first saw its flags in the morning. The Blue Guild started to rise and acquire high ranks as a result of this.

After seeing Gedrick’s picture on the cover of Blue Guild magazine and realising that Gedrick is the one popularising the Blue Guild, the nobility from the other countries are enraged. In every nation they tour, Gedrick continues to add new members and put on outstanding performances. Everyone enjoys the way he recruits new members since it is unique to him.

Release Date from the Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67

On November 11, 2022, Regressor Instruction Manual Chapter 67 will be made available. Gedrick consistently performed admirably for Blue Guild and demonstrated why he was the best vice-captain. After a few days, Gedrick learned that their excellent promotional video had sparked public demand to resume hiring. View the modifications to Regressor Instruction-Manual Chapter 67 below.

Chapter 67 – Raw Details of the Regressor Instruction Manual can be read online.

On the official websites, you may read Chapter 67 of the Regressor Instruction Manual online. Gedrick and his group put forth a lot of effort when welcoming new Guild members. When Hyungung inquires as to the Regressor’s reason for sadness, the Mercenary Queen discloses that the Yamato Guild had been attacked. Later on, they encounter Kasaufgano Yuuno. After the publication of Chapter 67 of the Regressor Instruction-Manual, let’s meet.

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