Read Berserk Chapter 368 Release Date: The Skull Knight

Berserk Chapter 368 will be released this week. It is a manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura in a dark fantasy world influenced by medieval Europe. Guts and Griffith are two lone swordsmen who are mercenaries in “Band of the Hawk”. Berserk began publication in 1992 under the bimonthly Young Animal, replacing Hakusensha’s now-defunct monthly Animal House magazine. Miura demonstrated a prototype in 1988 series. His final chapter, written and illustrated by Miura, was published posthumously in September 2021, following the manga artist’s death in May 2021; Miura’s childhood friend and fellow manga artist Kouji Mori [ja] And Studio Gaga’s assistants and apprentices wrap up the series in June 2022.

Gasts, a black swordsman, roams the medieval world and slays demons, attracted by the demon mark on his neck. He has superhuman strength, a giant sword, a prosthetic left arm, and an elf named Puck to help him. He grew up with mercenaries and gained superhuman strength. While searching for revenge against the person who warned him, he meets a variety of interesting creatures and people. Let’s see the chapter 367 recap, chapter 368 release date and where to read Berserk manga.

Berserk Chapter 367 Recap

This chapter picks up where the last left off when Zod and Guts fight. Danon, Isidro, Isma, and Serpico, all of whom had just completed their Brownie duties, watched the battle between the two, holding off Griffith from finishing second. Then Danon begins to tremble, and after a while, she falls from weakness. She says that all will pass and as they pass, many dangers will arise.

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Turning their attention to Elfhelm’s enormous cherry tree, Guts and company began distributing their blossoms. Griffith approaches an unconscious Casca, prompting Guts to run past Zod and attempt to assassinate his former friend again. He stopped looking confused when he realized he was holding Casca in his arms. Elfhelm’s great cherry tree was almost entirely covered with cherry blossoms, and the whole earth began to part in Skellig. This separates Guts from Griffith, Casca, and Zod, who appears to be preparing to capture Casca and leave the island. Judging by the way this issue ends, Berserk Chapter 367 ends with the final trio having a successful shot at what appears to have won the round.

Berserk Chapter 368 Raw Scan

Raw scan images for Berserk chapter 368 are on Twitter. They depict Griffith and the Hawks Reborn band being attacked by otherworldly forces. According to the first image posted, Skull Knight appears to rescue Isidro and Isma from Elfhelm, possibly along with Schierke, but he is nowhere to be seen. Before Skull Knight arrives, Isidro and Isma are surrounded by enemies as the former wields both his salamander dagger and sword. An image was posted of the black swordsman Elfhelm surrounded by demonic looking flame-like blobs rising from the field. They might be whispering something to the black swordsman.

The next scene is Casca approaching Guts, looking tired and sad, as Griffith appears to be taking her away from Elfhelm. Here her state appears to be hazy or unconscious, suggesting her return to a dissociative state (although this is possible). Roderick and his crew are surrounded by the aforementioned black, gelatinous blobs at the post. After swallowing the blobs, the crew members shed most of their flesh and reappear as zombie-like creatures. Griffith’s presence would be more believable if these zombies followed his and Zod’s orders. He became a Skull Knight after fighting three blobs past Elfhelm at the last post. Skull Knight’s victory is shown by the withering of every blob in this panel.

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Berserk Chapter 368 Release Date

Berserk Chapter 368 release date set 12 August 2022 Friday Berserk manga is coming back after a short hiatus and fans are really excited about it.

Where To Read Berserk Chapter 368 Online?

Berserk manga cannot be legally read online for free. To read the Berserk manga, you must purchase the physical or digital edition. Dark Horse Comics publishes the Berserk manga in North America, and it is widely available in English.

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