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Quest Supremacy reveals the secret behind Suhyeon Kim, a game addict who faces relentless threats. Kim’s story continues in Quest Supremacy Chapter 52. We discuss the latest updates of Quest Supremacy Chapter 52. In the morning, Suhyeon Kim wakes up and asks her mother if she can go back to sleep. Kim realized it was the weekend and he played games all night. Kim’s mother was busy with kitchen chores and thought his son was making noise. She tells him to eat first; Then he can sleep. The two argue about cleaning, and Kim wonders why her mother is so hard on her.

Kim sits at the table and asks her mother about her evil sister. His mother reminds him not to dare say that to his younger sister again. She revealed that Da Hyun went to shoot an advertisement this weekend. Kim is afraid that Da Hyun is getting naked for money and asks his mother to stop her. Kim’s mother reminds him that their family is not rich and powerful, but when someone is young and beautiful, they can take advantage of it. She asks him if it is wrong for a beautiful girl to use her body for money.

Kim Kang keeps eating while talking about Buk, and his mother tells him to do something like earn money and feed them like his sister Da Hyun. Kim agrees with his mother but has other plans for his sister. Kim thinks about saving his sister. He believes his new mission is to “rescue sister” and he gets a platinum card. Kim is taking it as a new player and believes he can win by playing by his rules. He asks his mother about Da Hyun’s phone number.

Previously on Quest Supremacy Chapter 51

Kim’s mother is surprised that Kim doesn’t know her sister’s numbers. She gives him Da Hyun’s number and Kim calls her. Da Hyun takes the call asking who is talking to him. Kim realizes that Da Hyun is fine and sane. He asked where she was and what she was doing. Da Hyun is dressed in a beautiful, glamorous dress at a five-star hotel, waiting for the ad shoot to begin. Da Hye reveals that she is preparing to shoot in Mi Yeo’s place, and that he shouldn’t worry because she told their mother.

Kim washes the dishes and returns home telling Da Hyun to stop doing crazy things. Da Hyun refuses and the two discuss her job. She tells him about her promise to the viewers and that she will shoot till midnight. Kim reveals that he will get the money and buy her a gift, and Dae-hye replies that she won’t be fooled by the phone call. Model Da Hyun comes at speed and praises her outfit. Da Hyun hangs up and thanks the model. Kim wonders what is going on as Tapana wants to go on a rescue mission.

Da Hyun enjoys shooting with the model and then relaxes at his leisure. Excited to be done with the day’s work. Their assistants praise them for their hard work and Da Hyun asks if she knows why she is there. Da Hyun checks her followers online and notices more views on their live stream and the third girl believes that Da Hyun is about to become a celebrity. The models talk about the after party as they have to celebrate. Kim gets a call from Jung Bum Sang talking about Da Hyun. The party begins and Da Hyun realizes they’ve been tricked after Jang Kyu arrives.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 52 Release Date

Quest Supremacy Chapter 52 will be released on 21 September 2o22. Jang Kyun gives drugs to the girls, but they start fighting him. Sung Haru prepares to fight Jin and his men. Song vs. Jin begins in the next chapter. You can also check Quest Supremacy Chapter 52 details.

Read Quest Supremacy Chapter 52 Online – Raw Details

You can read Quest Supremacy Chapter 52 online at various websites. The Quest Supremacy manga has yet to reveal its official website to readers. But all the chapters of Quest Supremacy are available online. This manga hasn’t peaked yet; See you after the release of Quest Supremacy Chapter 52.

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