PUBG back in India as PUBG Mobile India

By | 17 Nov 2020

PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government in September, and at the same time, PUBG announced that it would no longer allow the PUBG Mobile series to host Tencent games in Shenzhen, India. While the team announced that it will begin arriving end-users in India from October 30th, the game is still playable for many people who have installed it on their Android and iOS devices.

Update: On Saturday, PUBG Mobile India posted its first YouTube teaser. The teaser doesn’t include much information, but it does mention that the game will be launched soon.

PUBG Mobile India to launch soon in India

The announcement stated that the new game will increase data security for players and will comply with local regulations. PUBG Corporation said that there will be regular audits and checks on the storage system that stores the personal information of Indian users to keep the data safe.

The developers also shared that they will improve the in-game content as well as to adapt it “to reflect local needs”. These changes include a virtual simulation training ground setting, new character outfits, and green strokes instead of red. It will also make it easier to restrict playing time for younger players.
PUBG Mobile was banned in India with PUBG Mobile Lite, and 116 other apps and games were later removed from the Play Store and App Store in the country by the government of India in early September. However, PUBG Mobile is still playable for those who already installed it. Then, on October 29, the PUBG Mobile team shared a Facebook post stating that starting October 30th, Tencent Games will provide all services and access to users in India.

PUBG MOBILE in India will be returned to the owner of PGG Intelligence.

However, the game is still playable for many users. However, on both Android and iOS devices, some players reported server connection issues preventing them from entering the game.

Fans of the game in India have been so disappointed by the news of the ban, whether they are regular players playing the game for an hour a day or playing the signs, and whoever is out. As we found in our conversations with Indian broadcast celebrities, there have been instances of them reporting lost revenue and views. In some cases, his fans have asked him to return to PUBG Mobile instead of playing other games. But there have also been instances of increased viewership of some streaming software due to other games like Call of Duty: Mobile.

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