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Possible heirloom revealed through an Apex Legends leak Seer in Season 15

New Apex Legends leaks point to an upcoming heirloom for the Apex Legends leak Seer, which the Ambush Artist is believed to receive as part of a Season 15 event.

With Apex Legends season 15 set to begin on November 1st, fans are finally informed of the new content Eclipse will be bringing.

Legend Catalyst with Ferro Fuel is set to become the game’s first transgender character, while the Broken Moon map takes the Apex games to Cleo, a moon of the Outlands planet Boreas.

It’s the home planet of Seer, who, according to recent leaks, is the next legend in line for one of the game’s coveted heirlooms. Apex Legends leak Seer

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Apex Legends leak Seer reveal potential Seer heirloom

The new information comes through the reputable HYPERMYST who has correctly disclosed various details about unreleased content in the past.

On October 28, they tweeted that “the Seer’s heirloom looks like a sickle,” also referencing the relevant game code.

A sickle is a small agricultural tool with a curved blade and handle, typically used to cut grass. We doubt it’ll be used for that in Apex Legends if it actually comes.

Apex Legends Season 15 Heirloom Collection Event

While no details of a collectible event have been released, it’s safe to assume that one is coming and that this heirloom will be a part of it.

The season 14 collection event came in the form of the Beasts of Prey and fell on September 20, about a month and a half into the season.

Given Season 15’s November 1st start date, we can expect the collection event to begin around mid-December, similar to when we expect Winter Express to make a comeback.

Of course, the leak doesn’t guarantee Seer will receive an heirloom in Season 15. Much can change in the development process and remains subject to official confirmation by Respawn and EA.

For now, however, viewers can get upset.

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