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Pokemon Legends ‘untouchable’ encounter with Thundurus

On September 22, Reddit user Boybobka was stunned when her Kleavor Thundurus failed to hit with a single Stone Ax attack, despite the attack having a very high hit rate. Community members sympathized with the pain of the Pokémon trainer.

One of the franchise’s most popular entries, Pokemon Legends Arceus drastically changes the Pokemon formula from its more traditional roots.

When the Arceus expansion, Daybreak, was released, players were given access to Eternal Battle Reverie. After this is unlocked, players can choose to go through gauntlet with many Pokemon including Thundurus, a legendary Electric and Flying Pokemon.

The Trial is described by God Himself as a test of luck and skill, the lowest level of Pokemon players is level 60 with level 80 being the highest.

Pokémon Trainer misses 5 times against Thundurus

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And during that gauntlet run, one Reddit user had extreme bad luck, which justified him sharing his unfortunate experience with the community.

the user in question, Boybobka, took on Thundurus as part of the gauntlet. They ordered their Kleavor to use Stone Ax on the opponent in anticipation of a super effective hit. To her dismay, her attack missed. The trainer took to Reddit with his misfortune.

Well, this might sound normal at first, but the player actually missed this move five times in a row.

With 90% accuracy, there is only a 10% chance of missing every move in a row, making for a really unlucky RNG. That’s a one in ten chance, and it’s happened five times in a row.

“Literally a 0.1% chance. After missing a stun spore five times in a row, I sympathize with your pain,” said Bsauce7, a user in the comments section.

One user poked fun at the trainer, saying, “Skill issue.”

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