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Pokemon Go gifting feature Need Fix Said Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon Go players are demanding an update to fix the “tedious” gifting feature. The Pokemon Go fanbase wants to make managing the in-game gifts much easier with a quality-of-life update that can save a ton of time on the social feature.

The game has a lot of data management that needs to be taken care of from time to time. There are some things more tedious to check off than others that can get in the way of completing tasks quickly while trying to catch mons along the way.

Pokemon Go players have described the game’s gifting system as “tedious” and are again asking for some sort of feature update to make it run smoother.

Niantic has been rolling out some player-friendly features over the past few weeks, so the developers might be ready to hear some pitches for similar updates.

Pokemon Go gifts update concept

People on the Pokemon Go subreddit agreed that the game needs a way to consolidate the gifting feature to the Send All and Claim All options when attempting to open multiple packs.

“I’m sure this idea has been talked about before, but I think it should be brought up again.” a user written down. “For me, sending and claiming gifts is a tedious task and I really want a handy yet simple update to fix that.”

Although the idea proved popular, there were people who said Niantic would be reluctant to pursue an idea like this as it could lure people away from the PoGo app faster every day.

Opening and sending gifts in Pokemon Go can feel like a chore after a while.

Still, there’s something to be said for a feature that would allow Trainers to focus on more pressing matters in the game, like catching creatures or managing their Pokémon.

The developers recently introduced a way to open Pokemon Go gifts when players’ inventories are full, although this came with the caveat that items in the pack would expire instead of Stardust.

As Pokemon Go gets some quality of life updates, we’re hoping to see more of that coming soon.

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