Pokemon Go fans have been “really” impressed and surprised by Zorua encounters

Despite a rocky start, Pokemon Go players have enjoyed Zorua’s surprise debut, with many impressed with the Pokemon’s implementation.

Pokemon Go players were ready to snag Zorua during his debut in the recent Shuppet Spotlight Hour event. However, some frustrating bugs caused the Pokémon’s release to be canceled in most time zones. While fans worried it wouldn’t be coming back in time for the 2022 Halloween event, a recent update corrected Zorua’s initial introduction – and fans are loving it.

Zorua’s addition in Pokemon Go reflects its tricky reputation in the mainline series, as it will take the form of whatever Buddy Pokemon trainers have equipped.

Zorua has been available for a few days now, and players have been “really” impressed with the implementation of the Tricky Fox Pokémon.

Pokemon Go fans love Zorua

A post of ProPlanty, the Pokemon Go content creator, gained prominence on Twitter after noting that the game’s Zorua mechanic was “really a treat.”

The tweet featured four different Zorua encounters disguised as rare shiny Pokemon.

According to some players, walking around outside and finding Zorua disguised as another Shiny Pokemon was delightful and surprising. “I keep seeing the sparkles, it’s so much fun, especially seeing the pal badge,” said user EmTheSiren.

Another player said they’ve “never had so much fun going outside before” and that while the Zorua aren’t really shiny encounters, “the fact that they sparkle but feel really good, they still do.” catch …”

Of course, that means players will also be able to post their shiny Legendary Pokémon “encounters” on social media and fool unsuspecting players, much like Zorua himself.

However, eagle-eyed trainers can spot fake shiny posts in a variety of ways, such as: B. wild zorua wearing a buddy badge if your partner wears one.

While some Pokemon Go fans have found issues with recent updates like Elite Raids and Fashion Week, Niantic seems to have done a good job with the Zorua debut fix. It’s still frustrating that the original event hype led to a cancellation, but it’s wonderful to see the sneaky Dark-type Pokémon on the loose in time for the spooky holiday celebrations.

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