Pathaan, which Shah Rukh Khan describes as, “the type of film he wanted to shoot for 30 years”

After 2018’s Zero, Shah Rukh Khan is looking forward to his return to the big screen with Pathaan. The actor, who on Saturday marked 30 years as a Bollywood actor, told his fans that Pathaan is the sort of movie he has been longing to perform ever since he arrived in Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Shah Rukh Khan went live on Instagram to discuss his acting career and what to expect from the film Pathaan. When a fan questioned Shah Rukh about whether he had seen the movie yet, he said that both Siddharth Anand, the movie’s director, and Aditya Chopra, its producer, had been “kanjoos” in presenting it to him.

“I merely said to them (Aditya and Siddharth) that I took a break from work for a year or more because I wasn’t enjoying the filmmaking process, which is more significant to me than the finished product. It was a lot of fun when we first started filming Pathaan. Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, and Ashutosh Rana are among the excellent co-stars in this action movie. I’ve wanted to do this type of movie for thirty years. I’ve always considered myself to be an action-oriented person.

He stated that, at the age of 27 or 28, his desire was to become an action hero as the talk went on. At 56 years old, he is now having the chance to appear in action scenes. “I liked it. Fun activity is required. A bit after midnight (referring to his age). I’m attempting to make things work at the age of 56 by being manly and solid. Siddharth and the entire action team have worked really hard. I’m hoping that will work,” he grinned.

Siddharth’s ideal project, according to Shah Rukh, was Pathaan. “I recall Siddharth telling me the stories of several movies. Sadly, it took us a long time to locate a convenient time to work together. He was carrying a book with the name Pathaan. Sir, maine film ready kar li hai, he would say to me. I have this title, he sweetly messaged me one lovely day when we were unable to work on the two scripts he narrated. I was unable to schedule a movie with you.

Shah Rukh’s response when asked what he liked best about Pathaan was, “The hair. The hair is gorgeous. The only odd thing, he said, was how frequently Deepika and I both wore the same haircut in the scenario. I had to talk haircuts with my co-star for the first time as a result. I now miss it. My hair has been chopped. If you enjoy the first section of Pathaan, maybe I will grow it once again if we develop a sequel.

Shah Rukh Khan concluded by stating that the Pathaan teaser is anticipated to arrive in November or December of this year. On January 25, the movie is scheduled for release.

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