Overwatch 2 Support Characters Guide

Overwatch 2 Support Character: One of the most crucial jobs in any video game that features them is that of supports or heals. And I’m not only referring to Overwatch 2 and World of Warcraft; I’m also mentioning other games, like League of Legends, Battlefield, and Destiny 2. Although they are presented as wizards, sorcerers, scientists, and tech specialists, in reality they are excellent medics.

Overwatch 2 Support Character

Overwatch 2 Support Characters heal, protect, and boost friends so they can keep doing their responsibilities. It is, in my opinion, the most difficult job to perfect, the most crucial, and the one that necessitates the greatest involvement from the player. Before I begin giving you everything you need to know, let me introduce you to the cast of characters.

What should a Support Character in Overwatch 2 do during a game?

Overwatch 2 Support Characters Guide
Overwatch 2 Support Characters Guide

The Overwatch 2 Support Character class should always heal, protect, and boost the squad. It is the most difficult class because it combines the most difficult aspects of the previous two classes: fast decision making and location. The healer must always be aware of their location, which allies require their assistance, and when to heal and buff. All at once in a fast-paced game.

Healers, like DPS, are separated into three subclasses:

  • vanguard – When necessary, these Overwatch 2 Support Characters can advance to the front lines of battle and station themselves close to the tank. Because of their mobility and ability to dodge damage, they are perfect for aggressive teams. This subcategory includes Bridget, Lucius, and Kiriko.
  • third line – Healers are naturally placed behind tanks and DPS, with the ability to advance to the second line if necessary. This subcategory includes Baptiste, Mercy, Moira, and Zenyatta.
  • Protection – Only Spring is included in this unusual section. He can heal teammates and do great distance damage to opponents with his weapon (thanks to the scope). He can also use his skills to deliver melee harm to flee danger when necessary.

No matter whatever subclass you select, your job function will always be to heal and buff. There isn’t a manual for this. Practice produces masters in this instance. You must develop your ability to read games, give priority to those who need healing, and deal with your character on an instinctual level.

For obvious reasons, you should always keep an eye on yourself. Another person should be watching the tank, and you should constantly keep an eye on yourself. When returning from raids, be very cautious when healing ninja DPS.

Overwatch 2 Support Character

Props or healers are ideal for another role: team leadership. I informed you that these are regarded leaders in the tank command. It occurs on a regular basis, yet it is inefficient. This role is best suited to an Overwatch 2 Support Character or an Overwatch 2 Healer Character. Why?

  • Because they are behind, they have a better vision of the battlefield and can provide directives more quickly and accurately.
  • You have direct knowledge of them. Condition and limits of the equipment A squad that progresses without the healer is a dead team. To assault and withdraw, you must communicate with the tank.

To be a support or healer, you must understand all aspects of Overwatch 2: Knowledge of the map and heroes (allies and Enemies) to know which ones need to be healed and boosted at all times. It is critical to understand how to position oneself. Finally, you must submit to the team. If you’re not empathic, patient, and able to communicate effectively, forget about this role…as much as you want to be a hero.

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