Oshi no Ko Chapter 97 [Explained]

Oshi no Ko Chapter 97 will be released on time because the new chapter changes everything. But first, a summary of what’s happened so far, in the last few chapters, Aqua is relieved that Ai’s murder case is solved and confronts Ichigo about it (in other news, the super popular Ichigo is set to return). Aqua tells the man it’s time for them to move on, but Ichigo tells him something that will shake the foundation of his life.

He suggested that his father was not his, but someone else’s, so their parents had a fight and committed suicide. Aqua doesn’t buy it, though, as he completely dismisses the notion without any evidence. He was moved by the feeling and moved to the core, Ichigo told him to slow down and relax. Instead, Aqua sits alone at a park, where his inner self confronts him. He was relieved that Ichigo was. He’s relieved that he can continue chasing Ai’s killer, but that’s another form of suffering.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 97 Spoilers

Oshi no Ko Chapter 97 Aqua deals with many things. This will be the start of his journey anew, along with making peace with himself, which is anything but easy. The story has come a long way, and so have the characters. This means that Aqua will not only solve this problem, but his sister will soon find herself in the same situation. Ichigo shelters her a little, and he seems willing to keep it that way, but Aqua might not. After all, the reason Aqua came to Ichigo was for his idol sister, who was getting help from her in her idol career.

Ichigo said good damage stuff to Aqua, whose range was reduced as Ichigo realized he was crossing the line. This caused Ai’s son many problems, but his suffering eased as his way of thinking influenced those around him. Especially the girl who helped him with the umbrella. How will Aqua deal with this and his inner turmoil, will Ichigo ever reveal his desire for Ai’s salvation to his daughter?

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Oshi no Ko Chapter 97 Release Date

Oshi No Ko chapter 97 was supposed to be released on October 12, but it took two weeks for the last one to be released. But it’s not the only series facing this problem, the next chapter is likely to release on time along with other popular titles like Boy’s Abyss.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 96

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Where to read Oshi no Ko chapter 97?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 97 is available to read on Manga Plus. Manga More Owned by Shueisha, they also update you on upcoming series, the best way to support your favorite authors. On top of that, the website also has a catalog of all the classic manga a piece, Naruto, Bleach and many more. There are also modern hits like Jujutsu Kaisen And My hero is academia Updated regularly.

You’ll be able to access the latest chapters a few hours after they’re released in Japan. You can also read the first three chapters as well as the last three chapters for free.

What is Oshi no Ko?

A doctor in the eponymous town of Gorou who worships the idol Ai. He is a crazy fan but a professional when the going gets tough. And such a situation occurs when a pregnant woman comes to him and asks if she should have children. He is embarrassed but eventually expresses a professional opinion and decides to help her give birth. Things take a disturbing turn when Eye’s stalker kills him and he is reincarnated as her child along with his former patient.

Oshi no Kou was written by Aka Akasaka (Love is War) and Mengo Yokoyari (Scum Wish) drew for Young Jump.

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