On-Page SEO Guidelines [According to 2022 Algorithm]

Firstly I inform you when you are a new person in the blogging field then you read first another blogging topic and directly jump SEO guidance. Whenever you write 10 articles then you think yes I continue to write an article then you grab it. 

These are simple steps that are more important to follow : 

Keyword should be in the first 100 words
1 Keyword + 1 or 2 LSI keywords should be included in the introduction

Try to use only 2 or 3 H2 Headings
Your Focus keyword must be present in h2 & h3

LSI keywords are equally important in the content as focus keyword

Focus keywords should be in SEO Title, meta description and in URL too.

Always use HD Images Use alt text in images (what is shown in a pic)

Link to internal and external sources.

Always try to link to credible external sources, it'll represent us as a credible source of content.

Use the easiest language possible while writing content.

Article Format should be proper, so it'll be easier for the user to understand the article.

Always use a proper video regarding your topic, so it'll be easier for users to understand the topic.

What Opportunities Grab you get in Blogging Field?

Content Writing
Keyword Research
Link Building
Content Indexing
Google Search Console


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