how to hide your last seen status in WhatsApp on Android & Iphone?

Users are becoming more conscious of how vulnerable their privacy is on WhatsApp. By just opening a message, you may make yourself look online to your contacts, giving the appearance that you are ready for discussion at all times. However, you may disable your WhatsApp online status as a quick fix. You’ve come to the correct site if you’ve been seeking for strategies to hide your WhatsApp online status. Whether you use an iPhone, an Android device, or a PC to use WhatsApp, this article will teach you all you need to know about the technique.

On an iPhone, how to hide your last seen status in WhatsApp

The “Last Seen” status on WhatsApp lets users know when other users last used the service and whether they are still logged in. Even though some users may find this useful, others have serious privacy concerns. The obvious first step in ensuring your privacy is to disable your online status. However, keep in mind that when you disable your “Last Seen” status, you won’t be able to view your contacts’ online status either. Please follow the instructions below if you use an iPhone and wish to hide your online status on the app.

  • Get WhatsApp going on your iPhone.
  • In the bottom menu, click the Settings button.
  • Find the Account area by navigating.
  • From the menu of choices, select Privacy.
  • You’ll see a new list of choices where you may modify who has access to your personal data.
  • To change your online status settings, tap Last Seen.
  • Tap Nobody to hide your Last Seen status.

If you just want your contacts to view your status, you may choose My Contacts, or you can choose All to make your Last Seen status visible to everyone.

On An Android How to Hide Your Last Seen Status On WhatsApp

To maintain some privacy, people frequently desire to disguise their online status. You may use your Android handset to send WhatsApp text messages anonymously if you like. The steps are listed below.

  • On your Android smartphone, open WhatsApp.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the three vertical dots.
  • Navigate to the Account area by selecting Settings.
  • Visit Privacy.

If you wish to entirely conceal your online status, tap Last Seen and choose Nobody. If you just want your contacts to be able to view your online status, choose My Contacts.

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How to use a PC to conceal your WhatsApp online status

If you use WhatsApp on a computer, you are presumably using the web interface. Unlike a smartphone, this version does not enable you to change your online status by visiting the settings page.

Instead, you need to provide your browser plugins. There are two plugins you may make advantage of, assuming you’re using Chrome. The steps are listed below.

  • Look for the “WAIncognito” addon in the Google Chrome web store.
  • Put the extension on your browser to use WhatsApp privately.
  • To change the settings, touch the extension. To conceal your online status, choose the checkbox next to the option Do not send “Last Seen” updates.
  • Additionally, you may set up a plugin called WA Web Plus. Follow these steps after adding the plugin to Chrome and using WhatsApp Web as usual:
  • Tap the WA Web Plus plugin when WhatsApp Web is open.
  • To keep your online state a secret from your contacts, use the checkbox next to Hide online status.

Reload the WhatsApp web app to make any necessary adjustments if they don’t appear immediately away.

WhatsApp communication is now secret

There are several benefits to online status concealment. As soon as you see a message, you won’t feel as compelled to respond. The privacy levels are higher when you browse the app late at night when you just want to unwind, since you won’t be a target for repeated messages from your connections. Everything you need to know about disguising your online status on WhatsApp has been provided in this post. You should be able to put some of what you’ve learned to use.

What are the major causes for your desire to hide your WhatsApp online status? Post your ideas in the comments section below.

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