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OG Whatsapp Apk LATEST VERSION v9.20 (Based on v2.20.201.23)

Whatsapp messenger has reached 3+ billion users worldwide. It is one of the best application platforms for online messaging with end-to-end encryption.

The users can send messages such as images, videos, documents, Gifs, audios to the contacts with Internet data.

Whatsapp adds new features to its every edition. Many features are available in the development. At the same time, some are being tested in beta form.

While some of the features are not available in the original version, thus there are many Mods available in the market. To enhance many parts, this Mods version helps you have a better experience with its set of applications.

OG Whatsapp is one of those Mod Versions of Whatsapp like Yo Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and GB Whatsapp. So in this article, we will know about OG Whatsapp, its features, and its latest version of Apk.

What is OG Whatsapp?

OG Whatsapp is one of the mod Apk versions of Whatsapp, which allows two Whatsapp accounts simultaneously with one android device. This version gives you a simple, clean messaging service and maintains its security and reliability. It has some of the advanced features which help keep of security for users.

OG Whatsapp is an alternative Mod Apk version to Whatsapp Plus. This version offers various options and settings, which customize the look and functionality of the original Whatsapp.

Some of the applications include hiding typing status, hiding recording audio status, OG Themes, and others. This OG WhatsApp originated from the OGMods team. Unlike other Mods versions. This Mod Apk has an anti-ban update.

With the help of themes, you can use the User interface of the entire application. This Mod Apk has almost the same features as FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp.

Third-party developers update it. The company claims to have more than 500 million dynamic clients every month. The OG Whatsapp can be known as an advanced version of the original version. It is a free version. Most of the functions are taken from the Yowa to build this Pro version.

A named Team OG develops this OG WhatsApp Mod Apk. They built this from scratch and updated it from the base version of the original Whatsapp. But the ideal developer who designed this Mod Apk is Omar Gerrard.

About OG Whatsapp

NAME          OG Whatsapp
LATEST VERSION     v9.20 (Based on v2.20.201.23)
 SIZE    42MB

LAST UPDATED 1st March 2021

OG Whatsapp is known as a trusted Mod application among other Mod Apk Versions. So let us know why it is called so.

All Novel Features of OG Whatsapp:

The features of this OG WhatsApp include hiding status, video calls up to ht people, message scheduler, more personalized themes are some of the features which offer vast customization and protection settings that are included in this OG WhatsApp version.

Anti-Ban Apk:
Unlike other Mod Apk Versions of Whatsapp. This OG WhatsApp Mod Apk comes with an anti-ban feature. Third-party developers build this, so there is always a risk of getting a ban. Hence this feature offers a 100% safe and secure application as original Whatsapp bans other Mod Apk Versions. But this OG WhatsApp Mod Apk has its anti-ban feature.

Pre-built Message Scheduler
This feature has been added later in the latest version of this Mod. It is one of the best features. As sometimes, you may forget to text or send messages at a specific time in case of birthday wishes. We can use this intelligent Pre-built Message Scheduler to send the notes at a fixed time. It will send to the desired person automatically at the scheduled timings.

Set Group name up to 35 characters:
Group chatting is one of the best parts of the Whatsapp application. We can discuss with our friends or family or office colleagues a particular subject. Hence, you can keep adding names to your group with at least 35 characters than 25 characters.

Calling unsaved numbers:
In official Whatsappp, it is necessary to add the number to your contact list before making a call or sending a message. But it’s not the case in this latest version of OG Whatsapp. In this Mod Apk, you can send or call the unsaved number quickly.

Rooted Status Download:
Unlike the official version of the Whatsapp application. In this Mod Apk version, you can directly download the statuses and profile pictures of your friends without sending notifications to them.

Block a particular contact’s calls:
Off the chance, if somebody is disturbing you by calling in Whatsapp over again and again. Then this feature helps to block a particular contact’s call but not their connection. It has an option by going through the settings can select the specific contact’s call to stop.

Sending more than 90 images:
Another best feature of this OG WhatsApp is that you can send more than 90 images to a contact at one time. This feature is not available on the official Whatsapp, which has some restrictions of sending only ten pictures after another set which is a tedious task to do.

Whatsapp has this feature of deleting the messages and status before anyone sees it. But this Anti-delete feature in the OGWhatsapp helps spot the letters deleted by a user who has texted you the news. This will confuse the person who deleted the notes as you will learn what they have texted.

Backup feature:
One of the essential features which need to be included in Mod Apk is the backup feature. Without any backup part, any messenger apps will not fulfill your hopes. It is essential to retrieve the vital pictures, documents, and videos that are helpful to us. But alas, this doesn’t have a backup feature.

Some of the other features include:
● You can be able to access two accounts from a single device.
● Access to change the background and fonts of Whatsapp.
● It provides more than 1000 free themes to its users. You can install and apply of your choice.
● It can add up to 250 words in the status.
● By installing this Apk OG Whatsapp Mod. You can check the last scene of others when you have hidden your previous location.
● You can also prevent the grey ticks from becoming blue with this Mod version.
● It comes with an in-built—lock feature.
● It offers regular updates.
● You can block particular calls in the contact list.
● You can also hide the typing symbol when you are typing in a group chat.
● You can add additional Language support and emojis.
● Without reducing the quality. You can send messages or videos of up to 100 can send to your contact at a single time.
● You can be able to send files that consist of up to 100MB.

What are New features in the latest OG Whatsapp Mod Apk version?

In this latest version, many bugs and crashes are fixed. Some of the new features introduced in this latest version are
● It has a new Changelog.
● It has an option to remove the read more option by just showing the whole paragraph ultimately.
● Hide recent status update.
● It fixes crashes when a search for new themes.
● It has an inbuilt lock feature that gives authority to Whatsapp.
● It has an open UI design.
● It has a new set design and has updated its base.
● It has a new user interface that allows adding stories, just like Instagram stories.
● Using this application, you can directly download the statuses and profile pictures of other users without their consent.
● Unlike official Whatsapp status, where you are compelled to write 130 words in the class. But in this Mod Apk version gives you the chance to write more than 250 words in the group.

Problems with OG Whatsapp:
Each Mod Apk version has its advantages and disadvantages accordingly. Some of the problems this Mod Apk version includes are
● This is sometimes not safe to use as it has frequent bugs and crashes.
● The hide status or downloading other statues often crashes, which leads to tedious problems.
● The read receipts feature doesn’t work.
● It also works a little slower than the official Whatsapp.
● You cannot back up your files into Google drive.
Is the account banned with OGWhatsapp?
You need not have to worry about this OG WhatsApp Mod Version getting banned in the market as it has an anti-ban feature, which allows it to be used safely.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Where to download this OG WhatsApp Mod Apk?
    You can download this Apk version from its official website as it is easy to download with one easy step process.
    3.Is OG Whatsapp free to download?
    Yes, it is free to download and use. But it has ads on their website when you click their website.
  2. Can I use OG Whatsapp and official Whatsapp at the same time?
    It is possible to use both apps at the same time. But if you log in at one application, the other version will not be working. As you still had to log in and then open the application. You cannot be able to use one account at the same time.
    5.IS OG Whatsapp available on the IOS device?
    Currently, it is not available on the IOS device to download this OGWhatsApp Mod Apk version.


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