Obey Me Manga Ending Explained

Obey Me! is a manga (Japanese comic book) series that’s based on a popular video game of the same name. The video game was created by a company called NTT Solmare Corporation. The manga has 13 volumes, and the last one was released on January 5, 2022.

The story is about a human girl named Yui who gets summoned to the demon world and has to go through many challenges with seven demon brothers. The manga has become really popular, and fans are curious about its ending. In this article, we’ll talk about the ending of Obey Me! and explain what happens in it. Keep Reading Obey Me Manga Ending Explained !

Final volume of Obey Me! Manga

Obey Me Manga

Fans of the Obey Me! Manga had been eagerly waiting for the final volume of the series. The volume was finally released on January 5, 2022, and it marked the end of Yui’s adventures with the demon brothers. The final volume is made up of five chapters, each providing a conclusion to the different storylines introduced throughout the series. It gave fans the closure they were hoping for.

Chapter 1: “A Love to Remember”

The first chapter of the final volume of Obey Me! is called “A Love to Remember.” In this chapter, Yui has to say goodbye to the demon brothers who have become an important part of her life. They talk about their plans for the future, with Asmodeus saying he’ll keep running his boutique, and Lucifer wanting to make things right in Heaven.

The chapter becomes more emotional as the demon brothers express their feelings towards Yui. Beelzebub will miss her cooking, and Mammon is grateful for her friendship. The chapter ends with Yui saying goodbye and promising to visit them in the future, all while shedding tears.

Chapter 2: “The Bonds That Tie Us”

Chapter 2 of the final volume of Obey Me! is called “The Bonds That Tie Us.” It serves as an epilogue to the series, tying up loose ends for various characters and storylines. The chapter begins with Yui returning to the human world and reuniting with her family and friends. She remembers her time in the demon world and the friendships she formed there.

The focus then shifts to the demon world, where the demon brothers are shown going about their lives. Lucifer is making peace with the angels in Heaven, while Beelzebub and Belphie continue their work as demon detectives. Asmodeus runs his boutique, and Mammon is busy with his job as a demon banker. The chapter ends with Yui visiting the demon world again, this time as a tourist, and catching up with the demon brothers.

Chapter 3: “The Devil’s Descent”

Chapter 3 of the final volume of Obey Me! is called “The Devil’s Descent.” It serves as a prologue to the main events of the series and shows how Yui was summoned to the demon world. The chapter starts with Yui living her life as a normal high school student in the human world. However, she receives a mysterious invitation to attend a party in the demon world.

At first, Yui is hesitant to go, but she decides to attend the party out of curiosity. When she arrives in the demon world, she is welcomed by the seven demon brothers who reveal that they have summoned her to be their bride.

Chapter 4: “The Trials of Love”

Chapter 4 of the final volume of Obey Me! Manga is called “The Trials of Love.” This chapter gives us more insight into Yui’s experiences in the demon world and the difficulties she faced while trying to build relationships with the demon brothers.

Yui remembers how she had to work hard to earn the trust and affection of each demon brother separately, despite their different personalities and attitudes towards humans. She also recalls the struggles she faced as a human in a world dominated by demons, including difficulties adapting to demon customs and feeling constantly afraid of being rejected or abandoned by the demon brothers.

The chapter concludes with Yui looking back at her journey and realizing that despite the challenges she faced, her time in the demon world helped her grow as a person and taught her important lessons about love, trust, and loyalty.

Chapter 5: “The Promise of Tomorrow”

The ending of the Obey Me! manga provides closure to the various storylines and characters that were introduced throughout the series. Yui’s journey in the demon world comes to an end, and she is able to bid farewell to the demon brothers she has grown to love. The final chapter also serves as a thank-you note to the fans, as the author expresses their gratitude for the readers’ support throughout the series.

In terms of the overarching themes of the series, the ending emphasizes the importance of love, friendship, and loyalty. Yui’s relationships with the demon brothers are portrayed as complex and nuanced, and her struggles to earn their trust and affection serve as a testament to the power of love and the strength of human connections. Ultimately, the series suggests that love can conquer all, even the vast differences between humans and demons.

what does the ending of Obey Me! manga mean?

In addition, the ending of the series also emphasizes the importance of growth and personal development. Yui undergoes significant character growth over the course of the series, learning valuable lessons about love, trust, and loyalty. The demon brothers also undergo their own transformations, as they learn to overcome their past traumas and become more compassionate and understanding towards humans.

Overall, the ending of Obey Me! manga is a testament to the power of love, friendship, and personal growth. It provides a satisfying conclusion to the series while leaving room for fans to imagine the future adventures of Yui and the demon brothers.

Final Saying on Obey Me Manga Ending Explained

Even as the manga comes to a close. The characters will live on in the hearts and minds of fans, who will no doubt continue to create fan art, write fanfiction, and cosplay as their favorite characters. The ending of Obey Me! may be bittersweet, but it serves as a reminder of the power of love and the importance of treasuring the relationships we have with those around us.

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