Nikke Tier List – Goddess of Victory (Revealed)

Nikke Tier List – Goddess of Victory (Revealed)

The latest mobile gacha game from Shift Up, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, has finally been released worldwide for mobile devices. It can be challenging to distinguish between SSR units that are truly helpful and those that aren’t because the game debuted with an absurdly large number of them. Here is our Goddess of Victory: Nikke tier list to aid you.

Nikke Tier List for the Goddess of Victory

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that there are presently two tier lists for Nikke going around. The “global” tier list from Prydwen, which we’ll be using as an example throughout this post, is mostly based on DPS and damage figures and also considers unit performance at max level.

Nikke Tier List – Goddess of Victory (Revealed)
Nikke Tier List – Goddess of Victory (Revealed)

The JP tier lists, on the other hand, place more emphasis on teamwork and synergy and take into account each unit’s usefulness and what they provide. It will depend on your play style and both tier lists are completely legitimate. While the JP tier list may be more appealing to players who aren’t only seeking for a hard carry DPS and are looking for more well-rounded teams, the worldwide tier list is more suited for those who are trying to min-max their Nikke accounts and reroll to achieve their dream SSRs.

SScarlet, Ludmilla, Liter, Harran, Volume, Noah, Privaty
APepper, Novel, Snow White, Signal, Drake, Brid, Admi, Dolla, Guillotine, Julia, Rapunzel, Yuni, Noise, Poli
BSugar, Crow, Rupee, Miranda, Maiden, Frima, Maxwell, Centi, Alice, Emma, Milk, Diesel, Yan, Exia
CEpinel, Yulha, Mary, Folkwang, Aria, Vesti, Soline, Isabel, Eunhwa

Scarlet is without a doubt Nikke’s top DPS character at the moment. Prydwen’s testing indicates that she significantly outdamages any other DPS unit in the game. The main problem to creating a structure around Scarlet is that, because she is essentially a glass cannon, you will need strong heals and supports to keep her alive.

Additionally, because she is a Pilgrim unit, her draw rate is 0.8%, and she cannot be placed to the Wishlist. It can take a while if you’re rerolling for her. She may very possibly be nerfed given how she is vastly outperforming other DPS troops.

The good news is that there are several more reliable DPS troops on which you may base your strategy. Harran, Noah, and Privaty are not to be taken lightly. While Privaty is an Elysion Assault Rifle unit that may be wishlisted, Noah and Harran are both Pilgrim units.

Even though they aren’t DPS units, Ludmilla and Liter are incredibly good reroll targets. The former is one of the greatest defenders/tanks in the game, and the latter is unquestionably the finest supporter you can acquire in Nikke right now.

List of Nikke JP Tiers

If creating a team around a hard carry DPS character isn’t your thing, here is Kamigame’s JP tier list:

SSPrivaty, Poli, Miranda, Liter, Alice
SEmma, Signal, Drake, Pepper, Mary, Milk, Dolla, Volume, Snow White, Rapunzel, Scarlet, Harran, Noah
ADiesel, Guillotine, Maiden, Maxwell, Julia, Sugar, Exia, Yulha, Yan, Noise, Isabel, Rupee
BBrid, Soline, Eunhwa, Vesti, Yuni, Centi, Crow, Admi, Frima, Ludmilla, Novel, Folkwang, Aria

As you can see, Poli and Miranda are given priority because of their usefulness; Poli helps the squad as a whole reduce damage, while Miranda serves as a buffer to raise total damage output. Scarlet has been slightly degraded because she is essentially a selfish, pure DPS unit, although even the JP list places her in the S tier due to her high base damage output.

Yes, you can probably finish the campaign with any mix of these units, in the end. To give yourself a head start, we’d absolutely advise rerolling for one or two of the stronger characters from either list, especially given how frugal the game can be with its cash and aggressive commercialization.

This concludes our list of Goddess of Victory: Nikke tiers. For further hints and information about the game, including a list of all currently redeemable codes, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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