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Night of the Sword Fanatic Chapter 24 Through the Night continues after Jin punishes Goo for thinking he is a sex demon. Goo reports to his boss, who decides to punish Jin. Gu Boss arrives at Jin’s place with an army of a thousand warriors to show that no one has quarreled with Jin since he was the ruler. Jin smiled and realized the battle was about to begin. Goo’s men are about to attack Jin, but the Demoness’ disciples block their way. As the Demon Disciples battle Goo’s army, Goo confronts Master Jin.

Goose Boss held his long blade and made an angry face at the grinning Jinn. Jin Goo is impressed by the fierce battle behind the boss and says that they are fighting very well. He wonders if they are Changan Unothodok faction executives. Jin is happy to see that the demon disciples don’t have a hard time and manage those weaklings. Goo Boss wonders why Jin is looking behind when he should be fighting him. He reveals his name to be Go Seogyuk. Go Seogyuk attacks Jin, who is still watching the intense battle. He tells Jin that he is being sent to hell.

Jin vs. Ge Seogeuk begins and Jin blocks the attack without breaking a sweat. He yawned and raised his hands. When Jin withdraws the money he has, he almost cuts Go Seogyuk. Go Seogook began to marvel at how strong Jin was. Suddenly Jin comes up behind Go Seogyuk and Go Seogyuk doesn’t see the man. He almost failed to block Jin’s normal stab and realized that Jin’s magic would overwhelm him. Seogyuk refuses to lose to a handsome man.

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As the battle continues, Seogyeok unleashes a powerful red flame slash that tries to slice Jin. But Jin blocks it with a short blade and Seogyeok’s sword bends. Seogeuk looks at his sword and realizes it’s broken. Jin Go warns Seogyuk to stop his subordinates and end the battle before they are killed.

Seogeuk wanted to say something and realized that the mini blade was on his neck. Jin wonders if he has lightning speed. Jin showed an incredibly powerful magic that made Seog tremble. Seogyuk yells at his army to stop fighting.

Seogyuk wonders why the faction leader of the army receives orders from the children. Seogeuk tells his men to drop their weapons and they realize their master is defeated before the real battle begins and they can’t do anything despite being outnumbered. They gave up all weapons, and the demon vv disciples laughed. Jin comments that Jin Go will continue to respect Seogyuk as the law of Changan’s unorthodox faction, but Seogyuk will remain under him because he will change the system.

He asks Seogyuk if he accepts his proposal or he dies. Seogyuk replied that he would serve under Jin. Why did he come and start this fight, if he had to stay at home, he wouldn’t just serve the brat without losing his position. Jin orders his men to be sent back and he can wait for his executives at the Soinha Inn. Jin goes inside the house and asks the demon disciples if they are hurt and they say no.

Later, Seogyuk arrives at his area and asks if his men will serve Jin. Seogyuk explains why they should serve Jin since Jin can hold more than two swords, and Jin fights him at 25% strength. Jin arrives and reveals that they call him Troop Leader.

The sword fanatic wanders through chapter 24:

Rakshasa’s disciple

Night of the Sword Fanatic Chapter 24 Release Date

Night of the Sword Fanatic Chapter 24 will be released on 21 September 2022. Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night sometimes releases two chapters a day. Jin’s reign as troop leader continues in the next chapter. You can also check Sword Fanatic-Wanders Through The Night Chapter 24 latest updates.

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You can readNight of the Sword Fanatic Chapter 24 online at various websites. Night of the Sword Fanatic has a few chapters and is yet to be revealed on the official website. But all the latest chapters can be accessed on unofficial platforms. See you after the release of Night of the Sword Fanatic Chapter 24.

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