NICKMERCS Urges ImperialHal to Stop Crying Amid Apex Legends Feud

NICKMERCS and Apex Legends Pro-ImperialHal have differing opinions on the game’s future, and tensions escalated in a Twitter row.

Apex Legends Season 15 begins November 1st and introduces a new map, legend, and zip line feature, but not all players are seeing these changes in the same way.

ImperialHal expressed concern about the future of the game after Season 15, saying, “Apex is just fucking dying. If they don’t have a good season, next season will fail.”

NICKMERCS disagreed, explaining, “Hal cried on Twitter and talked about Apex being doomed and shit; I don’t agree with any of that.” He added, “I think since I’ve been here, Apex has shown time and time again that they’re constantly trying to go in a good direction.”

Both have continued to defend their positions, and the dispute has only escalated.

Is Apex Legends dying?

jacket lucky shared an exchange between ImperialHal and NICKMERCS.

It all started as the content creator of Apex Legends Nokokopuffs claimed, “Many of us realized that Apex could add new items and new weapons, and at heart we still wouldn’t be entirely happy. The game has been around for almost 4 years; it’s just burnout.”

ImperialHal disagreed, saying, “Everybody’s burnout is different and the coincidence of so many having it at the same time is just very unlikely.”

Nick argued, “It’s not at all unlikely that MMFs like you are crying 24/7 on Twitter.”

Hal replied, “Of course I’m going to cry because I want to speak my mind and see actual change instead of just sitting back and cashing a check like you!”

The check-collecting jab is most likely related to NICKMERCS commending the Apex developers for their work on Season 15’s new map, Broken Moon. NICKMERCS is optimistic about the battle royale, claiming Apex has a brighter future than Warzone.

We won’t know which side is on the right side of history until Season 15 officially launches in a few days, but these two have made their opinions very well known.

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