Niantic is trolling Pokemon Go players who want Kecleon in the Bug Out event

Pokemon Go players are feeling like they’ve been trolled after Niantic teased a “specific unknown Pokemon” for the Bug Out event – and it wasn’t Kecleon.

As the Summer of Go draws to a close, Niantic is giving players a few more opportunities for hard-to-get mons, while also paving the way for all-new encounters like Mega Scizor Raids and Vikavolt.

A bug-centric celebration is imminent in Pokemon Go, and it’s a reminder to some players that we still haven’t gotten Kecleon after years of people wanting him in the game.

Granted, while Kecleon isn’t a bug guy, Niantic’s recent public post fooled some people for a minute that it was finally coming to PoGo – but that’s not the case.

Kecleon in Pokemon Go?

On August 8th, Niantic had a bit of fun reminding trainers of the Bug Out prizes and what creatures they would soon be encountering around the world.

“Pansage and a certain unknown Pokemon will appear in the wild and in raids worldwide during Ultra Unlock: Bug Out!” They said.

That little thing about the “unknown Pokemon” immediately cast trainers on the loop, thinking it should usher in the long-awaited entry of the color-changing Pokemon into the AR title.

Unfortunately, a closer look at the post immediately reveals what the developers were even talking about when a brand new “Unown” Pokémon variant “T” is coming to PoGo.

Niantic has previously said that they plan to release Kecleon at some point in the future but are waiting for a proper introduction to the world of augmented reality.

“Kecleon has unique traits in the main series games, abilities that no other Pokémon share, so we want to make sure we get the original design right when we bring it into augmented reality,” Michael Steranka, Director of Global Product Marketing at Pokemon Go said TRG.

So it might be a while before we get Kecleon in Pokemon Go, but at least the dev team has the elusive mon on their radar.

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