NBA News: Stephen Curry New Record With Warriors Victory |  Stephen Curry’s epic Game 7 performance

On Sunday, Stephen Curry played really well and scored 50 points which helped the Golden State Warriors win and go to the next round of the NBA playoffs. This was a really impressive achievement! At the same time, one of the Miami Heat players, Jimmy Butler, hurt his ankle and this made things tense for the Heat, even though they won. Stephen Curry is a very good basketball player and has won many awards in the NBA.

Curry played an amazing game as the Warriors beat Sacramento in a series of seven games. He said he wanted to start taking shots early on and get his teammates involved, but when he looks for shots, it usually helps the team.

Curry was almost impossible to stop, scoring 20 points by shooting 38 times, which is the most he has ever done in his career. He also made 7 out of 18 three-pointers and 3 out of 5 free throws.

Stephen Curry’s epic Game 7 performance

Stephen Curry was very upset after his team lost a game they could have won. He was so angry and disappointed that he couldn’t sleep that night.

The next morning, he was determined to do better and worked hard to prepare for the next game. When it was time to play, he played with a lot of energy and urgency, and he ended up scoring 50 points, which set a new record for a game where his team had to win or they would be eliminated from the playoffs.

He woke up early and checked his phone to find a text from Draymond Green who also couldn’t sleep. They talked about feeling embarrassed and how they’ve seen their team lose focus. Green wanted to speak to the team, but Curry was fed up and decided to take charge.

At the team meeting, Curry spoke up and everyone paid attention. Curry doesn’t talk much, but when he does, people listen because they know he’s a legend. His teammates respect him and know how great he is on the court.

After his speech, Curry led the team to a victory against the Kings. He showed everyone why he’s one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

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