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How to Use Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet And violet

It is now time… Pokemon has returned!

Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet And violet

Additionally, even though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet promises to revitalise the series, there will still be throwbacks like mystery gifts.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now available on the Nintendo Switch after a lengthy wait. However, before you go into the open-world and explore the Paldea region, don’t forget to use any freebies that may be waiting for you there as well. Here’s how to use Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Mystery Gift feature.

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of mystery gifts, The Pokemon Company occasionally hosts special events at which using a special code will grant you access to an exclusive item. What a wonderful gift!

Now that you are aware of what mystery gifts are, let’s discuss how to use the crucial mystery gift codes.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How to Use Mystery Gift Codes

How to Use Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet And violet
How to Use Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Scarlet And violet

Open your game and go to the in-game menu to unlock a mystery gift for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Click “get Mystery Gift” after selecting the “Mystery Gift” option. You can now enter your secret gift code to access your prize.

Current Codes

There are now no active codes available. As soon as we find fresh codes for you, we’ll update this post. Please return soon.

Players who buy Pokemon Scarlet or Violet before February 28, 2023, however, will get a special flying Tera type Pikachu.

Inactive Codes

There aren’t any expired codes available right now, but as soon as we find some, we’ll update this article. Please return soon.

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