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My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Raw Scans and Full Synopsis

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 is now undoubtedly one of the most awaited chapters in the series and it comes with a lot of interesting things to offer. Just when we thought we might get confirmation on Bakugo’s situation, the chapter comes with several other special things that will surprise fans. Fans who have been giving mixed reactions to the series are definitely excited for the latest chapter in the series. There is no stopping the villains from advancing. But note this, all of this is to set up a grand entrance for our main character, Izuku Midoriya.

While Shigaraki had fodder to play with until Midoriya arrived, other parts of the stage surprised fans with the second All for One and the return of the Todoroki family’s cursed Dabi. With One Piece Wano ending the arc, Black Clover adding more twists, and My Hero Academia once again ramping up the villains, the top shonen manga series proved exactly why they deserve to be on the top list in the latest issue of Shonen Jump. . Follow this article as we break down the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Here we bring you the latest updates of My Hero Academia manga series.

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Full Synopsis

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Genius watching Bakugo as he lies on the ground. Monoma wonders about her time with Bakugo and their joint class activities, where Bakugo vows to succeed every time. Monoma cries and screams that Bakugou can’t die here like this. The genius confirmed that Bakugo’s body had no pulse and that his heart had been shattered. Mirio curses his winning words to stop Shigaraki until Midoriya arrives.

Shigaraki aka All for One says that Bakugo is definitely dead now. He tells Eraser that he died because they put too much responsibility on the children. Shigaraki’s other hand grabs Rumi, the rabbit hero in the air ripping her hand apart. Rumi says it’s all on her because she couldn’t kill Shigaraki while he was evolving in the chamber. Shigaraki replied that it was natural for a dozen heroes to die, saying that an inexperienced boy should not be put into battle.

Dabi and All for One will appear!

Dabi appears while using his fire and says he’s glad he fought Shoto first and is ready for the second round as he shoots down everyone around him, including Onima of the Endeavor Hero Agency. He calls out to Skeptic, but he’s busy and says that if he’s looking for Endeavour, he’s at the remains of Gunga’s mountain villa. Shigaraki says that they are giving a lot of time for the villains and for them to prepare. While Skeptic says he will take control of the flying UA and follow Shigaraki in his dream of a new world, he further adds that Midoriya was right to search for them without giving them a chance to prepare.

Meanwhile, inside the UA school, the citizens are worried about the war and we also see Todoroki’s siblings. A teacher at UA yells at a student that they shouldn’t walk around the place alone because what if a villain shows up? The kids tell the teacher not to worry about the villains because there’s no way Todoroki, Bakugo, and the others will ever lose.

The mountain village of Gunga remains on the battlefield, where Endeavor and Hawks are all fighting for one, when a young man appears as All for One. Eri seems to have converted the bullets made of Chaitu into a young man. All for One says that this time the villains are the aggressors and the heroes have to defend themselves so they are prepared in this war. He said that the villains will keep moving forward until their dreams come true.

Read Na Hero Academia Chapter 363 Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 will be released this Sunday, August 21, 2022, in the 38th issue of Shonen Jump. You can read for free on various platforms like Wiz and Manga Plus websites.

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