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Where To Read More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21?

Excited about the release date of More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21? Miyako is a young girl who recently quit her job all of a sudden and is now just lounging around the house, but now her mother, out of frustration, planned a blind date for her with a guy who came to her apartment in a kimono.

The guy’s name is Hanamaru Masaki and he has opened a new shop in the area. Despite being in the middle of their performance, Miyako and Masaki identify with each other due to the fact that Miyako was an AV star in her past life by her stage name Kiraki Rara and Masaki was her former colleague by his stage name Cambriamaki.

Since they both have the same hometown, Masaki and Miyako’s mothers are friends. Although he’s now employed, he didn’t want to do this marriage interview at first, but his mother asked if he just left. Come to think of it, this is the first time they’ve cross-talked.

That an ex-AV star and her colleague is now a florist came as a complete surprise to her. At first she thought she knew him very well but now she thinks she really doesn’t know anything about this person because now he has a real purpose. Now let’s take a quick look at the summary of the previous chapter.

More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 20 Recap?

The 20th chapter of Yatoyato’s new romance-comedy-manga series opens in a coffee shop where Kimura Miyako is discussing something with Chomi. She says she has given her plenty of advice before and now she loves hearing about developments since then because she has that right. In response, Miyori said: When they went to a cultural festival together, they held hands and their hearts were beating like crazy, but nothing happened after that.

More Than Lovers, Less Than Friends

As Chomi continues to advise her, she says that even if he doesn’t see her that way, you just have to push him down and get your way. She later added that Miyako should make him see her like this. She has to grab him so she can do what she wants to do; she must have faith in her life, and he will be all hers as soon as he looks at her.

Since Miyako is a kind and hard worker, Chomi wants her to find happiness on her own. Because Chomi supported her when Miyako was struggling in Tokyo, but when she came back, she hadn’t prepared much, but now she was so cheerful lately, which is admired by Chomi.

More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21 Release Date and Time

Due to many irregularities in the release schedule of More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21 and it is quite unknown when the next chapter, More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21 will come out for their fans to read.

It is very likely that the More Than Lovers, Less Than Friends release date is More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21 Saturday 07 January 2023, in the morning, according to Eastern Standard Time in the United States. The various times and dates that More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21 will be read in different parts of the world are as follows. You can create a reminder according to your local time zone:

  • Considering Indian Standard Time (IST) at 12:00 PM
  • Taking into account the Chinese Standard Time (CST) at 02:30
  • Considering Japan Standard Time (JST) at 1:30 p.m
  • Taking into account Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) at 04:30
  • Considering Central European Time (CET) at 01:30
  • Taking into account Brazilian Standard Time (BRT) at 10:30 am
  • Considering Argentine Standard Time (ART) at 11:30 AM
  • Considering Central African Time (CAT) at 07:30
  • Taking into account Moscow Standard Time (MSK) at 13:30
  • Taking into account Dubai Time (GST) at 04:30
  • Considering Pacific Standard Time (PST) at 1:30 p.m
  • Considering Central Standard Time (CST) at 00:30

Where to read More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21?

You can access the official raw edition of the upcoming More Than Lovers Less Than Friends Chapter 21 as well as the previous releases on the website and app Shōnen Jump Plus. Currently there are no official platforms where you can read manga in English.

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