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Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 reason for removal

Here is What happened to 24/7 shipping? One of the most popular fan favorites from the Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 was recently removed from Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward on January 11th. Fans are not happy with this decision and are very disappointed.

One of the reasons fans liked the Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 playlist was that this mode allows players to get more kills from jumping and looping camouflage, as it’s one of the fastest and most confusing forms, which in turn gets more kills for the offers players. Dispatch is one of the most popular and oldest maps in the history of this game.

This model is now replaced by Modern Warfare Shoot House 24/7. In 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Shipment returned. The fans loved it, although there was a lot of criticism that accompanied it. There were spawn and other issues. The other maps of Call of Duty are comparatively larger than Shipment. Let’s see why Modern Warfare removed the Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 mode and whether or not it’s coming back?

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What happened to Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7? reason for removal

Modern Warfare has not released any official information as to why Shipment 24/7 has been removed from the game, nor given the date when it will be coming back. But fans from all over the world are expecting an explanation of the game, and they want their fan-favorite mode to come back. Shipment 24/7 was removed on January 11, 2023 and players have been criticizing the decision ever since.

Will 24/7 shipping Be coming back?

Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 is enjoying great popularity, and that’s why players anticipate that it won’t be long before Shipment 24/7 comes out of multiplayer. Despite this, there is no official announcement about the return of Shipment 24/7. Also, Infinity Ward is still yet to provide a reason for the removal of Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7.

Another important thing to note is that while Shipment 24/7 has officially been removed, it is still available in MW 2. Players can access it by going to Quick Play. However, it doesn’t work in the regular playlist. Many players are expecting the MW2 Shipment 24/7 playlist to return in the new season, MW2 Season 2. However, this will not happen before February 2023.

What is the replacement for Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7?

Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 has been replaced by the Shoot House playlist as part of the playlist update. First appearing in the Modern Warfare reboot, Shoot House is a popular card among players. However, they were least interested in getting their one favorite card at the expense of the other.

This was because Shoot House is on a lower tier compared to Shipment’s popularity. Many fans took to Twitter and other online sources to express their disapproval of the update and having to receive the shipment back 24/7. They want Shipment 24/7 back as a permanent playlist.

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How did the fans react?

Players aren’t happy and the decision to replace Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 wasn’t well received by them. One of the Modern Warfare 2 players wrote on Reddit that the decision to replace the shipment did not align with the community’s decisions.

Another player replied to this comment in the thread and expressed his disapproval. Citing how he played it during launch, he had no idea of ​​the decision. He also wrote how the sudden replacement made him realize he missed it so much.

Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7

Shipping 24/7

There’s little debate about how unhappy fans are with the update. One user commented that he used to spend his free time playing Shipment 24/7 and that he has no friends for Warzone. For him, it was nothing short of a disappointment from the makers.

Some of the players wrote on Twitter that there might have been a middle ground and they shouldn’t have replaced the Shipment 24/7 card. The suggestion they made was that the Shipment map should be brought back as a regular playlist option as Shoot the Ship. Both Shipment 24/7 and Shoot House 24/7 fans could have fun together.

At the moment, however, players can only wait for the next season or the playlist update. 24/7 shipping won’t be coming back anytime soon.

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