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Mew Revealed in Pokemon Unite: Moves, Stats, Release Date

Mew was recently leaked in Pokemon Unite, with dataminers also discovering the new Pokemon’s in-game moves and stats. Here’s what we know, including Mew’s speculated release date.

For those who don’t know, Mew is one of the first LegendaryPokemon ever introduced to the series. The Pokémon debuted in the very first Pokémon film and is a psychic type.

Recent data mines and leaks have revealed the Pokemon as an upcoming Battle Pass reward – where players can earn its holowear as a signature reward for the upcoming pass.

Here’s everything that’s currently known about Mew in Pokemon Unite, the upcoming Pokemon.


Pokémon Unite Mew release date

Though purely speculative, the Pokemon Unite Mew release date seems likely to be September 2nd, 2022.

The current Battle Pass expires on September 2nd and usually the next Battle Pass starts immediately after that. The release date of Pokemon Unite Mew is speculative September 2ndprovided the next Battle Pass starts immediately after the previous one expires.

Pokemon Unite Mew stats

The Mew stats show that the Pokemon is a special attacker – which shouldn’t be too surprising. After all, the Pokémon is a Generation 1 Phschic-type, which was pretty much all special attackers.

This makes items like Shell Bell and Choice Specs a must have for the Legendary.

Remember that Mew does not evolve. As such, its stats are relatively linear in growth.

As for Mew’s cost, players will be able to earn Mew for free during the Pokemon Unite Anniversary Event – although this hasn’t been confirmed yet. Pokémon typically cost between 14,000 and 12,000 Aoes Coins or 575 Aoes Gems when purchased from the store.

Mew Stats – Courtesy of ElChicoEevee

Pokemon Unite Mew moves

The psychic legendary Pokemon plays very differently than other picks in Pokemon Unite. His movesets aren’t set in stone during gameplay, as Mew has a unique ability to swap out his moves on a regular basis.

This is thanks to Mew’s passive ability, Synchronize, which has a cooldown after it’s used. Takedowns and/or scoring reduce this cooldown, increasing Mew’s versatility when he’s playing well.

As for the rest of Mews Moves, he has a wide range at his disposal. It has moves like Electro Ball, Solar Beam, Surf, and even Light Screen. These are not the complete list or descriptions. click here to see a written version, or see This video shows the complete move set of the datamined Pokemon Unite Mew.

Pokemon Unite Mew


Mew is the most versatile Pokemon yet

Due to its versatility, Mew can play both as a support and as a damage dealer. This largely depends on the player’s individual style, as Mew even has the ability to improve allies’ movement speed.

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