Median Ui + AMP v1.6 Premium Blogger Template all Features Explained

Median Ui + AMP v1.6 Premium Blogger Template all Features Explained
Median Ui + AMP v1.6 Premium Blogger Template all Features Explained

What is Median Ui

Median UI is a premium blogger template created by Jago Desain. This theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. This template is for those who want to turn their Blogger website into a completely professional site

Benefits of Median UI v1.6

The median UI theme has many features. We will only discuss the important features. If you want to see all the features of the Median UI theme, you can click on this link, and you will be redirected to the official website of the Median UI theme and see all features of the Median UI theme.

If you buy any theme from Jago Desain, you will not have to buy the purchased theme again, and you will get updates of the theme for free

Feature of Median Ui

  • Median Ui Speed: 90-100%
  • Shortcode: Available
  • Related Posts With Thumbnail: Available
  • Theme customization: Ease to edit
  • Featured Post: Available with tags
  • Multi Drop Down: Available
  • Email News Letter Widget: Available
  • The image on Comment: Available with tags
  • Quote on Comment: Available with tags
  • Code on comment: Available with tags
  • Top comments/Last comments: Available at the right side of the comment section

Note: These features are updated according to the new version of Median Ui v1.6.

My opinion about Median Ui

Anyways I liked this template very much and it is liked by every blogger who may have blogging as well as a career.

And I know what is the reason behind this, You will be able to get the effects with the Ui design and the website speed is 100%. With this, the Amp version of the template is also available on our website, if you want it, you can also download it for free.

Note: Median Ui blogger template is a premium blogger template this is not for free but some user is sharing this Theme for free of Cost so please I request to do not resell and share this template with anyone.

If you want this Theme (Median-Ui) then you have to Buy it officially. benefits: Lifetime Support with New Updates.

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