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Match Made in Heaven Chapter 36 continues after Jia saves Miachiol from the bad boys. Jiya comes to the bar and notices two men drinking while crying. She begins to assess the situation and ends up crying, wondering what happened to make them both drink more. Zia realized that they were sitting at a table for two, and the extra person wasn’t enough. She also realized that the two guys had drunk two or three bottles of B and they would come here after work. Zia looks at the guys, and the other is passed out, lying on the table, and she realizes that they must have been very drunk. She also sees a man who continues to drink and realizes that he has a bigger problem.

Jia decides to defeat the guys after assessing their problems and realizes that it was the other guy who put Miacheol in that position. Jia believes that Miacheol forced her to drink. The other man denied it and said he did not force him to drink. He reminds Jia what he would say when Miacheol invited him for a drink. Jia recalls that Miaocheol shows off his muscles and says that if he drinks, he will lose his muscles.

She realizes that Miyachiol is charming with his muscles and she can stand to see him if he loses those muscles. Later Jia went home thinking about what she had discussed with the others. Meanwhile, the other guys are talking about the assistant manager, and the guy who bullies the others reveals that he doesn’t like the assistant manager. The person always loses focus and makes a lot of mistakes adds the assistant manager. Inside the car, Jia is with a sleeping Miacheol and wonders if Miacheol and the guys were involved in the fight.

Previously on Match Made in Heaven Chapter 35

Jia is worried because she doesn’t want Miyachiol to fight or get hurt. Just as she was about to say something special, Miyachiol woke up and asked what she was saying. Jia was shocked and wondered how Miacheol woke up. But he is still dizzy and starts touching Zia, asking if she is Zia. Jia realizes that Miacheol is still drunk and he continues to touch her, but she tries to push him back. Miacheol is excited to touch Jia and praise her sweet voice. She told him to stop acting like a child and reminded him that he was drunk.

Miyachiol moves forward and makes a show of wanting to kiss Jia, but she stops him. He asks her if they can’t and she replies that they can’t. Miyachiol starts questioning her and reminds her that she did that the last time they kissed and he finds it strange. Jia realizes that he told Miachiol that he likes someone who wants to give him a kiss. Miyachiol realizes that he has been trapped, and she tries to explain her purpose. Jia believes that he can get away with this because Miaojeol is still drunk and tells him that she never said such things.

Miyachiol wonders if he is dreaming and thinks that she told him earlier. Zia comes up with an excuse and changes her words; She tells him that s service is about the person who wants to give it. Miyachiol believed her and mistook the word service for a kiss. She is relieved that he will fall for her charms, but she explains what it’s like to kiss and serve. Miacheol tries to kiss Jia and tells her that he is serving her. They later arrive at an amusement park, and Jia shows Miacheol two tickets and tells him about the game they’ll be playing.

Match Made In Heaven Chapter 36 Release Date

Match Made in Heaven Chapter 36 will release on 6 September 2022. Zia and Michaelo’s love game continues in the next chapter. Unless the manga is delayed, Match Made in Heaven releases a new chapter every week. Let’s check Match Made In Heaven Chapter 36 streaming details.

Match Made in Heaven Chapter 36: Jia & Miachiol Love Game

A match made in heaven

Read Match Made in Heaven Chapter 36 Online – Raw Details

You can read Match Made in Heaven Chapter 36 online on various websites. Match Made in Heaven manga will reveal its official platforms to readers soon, but the latest chapters of Match Made in Heaven are available online. A new chapter of Match Made in Heaven is available every week. See you after the release of Match Made in Heaven Chapter 36.

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