Mashley: Magic and Muscles Manga Chapter 119 Release Date: Rayne’s Final Attack

Mashley: Magic and Muscles Manga Chapter 119 Release Date: Rayne’s Final Attack|| Mashley: Let’s talk about Magic and Muscles Chapter 119 release date. We will also talk about some theorems in the next chapter. After Mashley read chapter 118, one thing was established, namely, Rayne Ames is a terrible character. Chapter 118 revealed a lot of information about Finn and Rayne’s past life and the reason why Rayne is so hard on his brother. And on the other side, the fourth child, the greatest pole arm user in the world, was unable to attack Rain properly as he defended himself beautifully at the last moment. Let’s discuss all these in detail.

Mashley: The Magic and Muscles manga is written and illustrated by Hajime Koumoto. The story is set in a magic-dominated world, where magic is considered a sacred act in one’s life, and those without magical powers are shunned and punished by society. One of them is Mash Burndead, who lives secretly in the forest with his father and trains his body to a level of perfection every day until he can finally overcome magic. But one day, when his identity is revealed, he is forced to enroll in a magic academy to save his loved ones. Here are all the details regarding Mashle Chapter 119 Release Date.

Mashley: Magic and Muscles Chapter 118 Recap

Mashley titled Chapter 118 “Ren Ames and the Determined Decision”. The chapter begins with the fourth kid talking to Rayne about how he’ll kill him easily because he’s already done it 300 times. When Rayne starts throwing pole attacks at him, the fourth child easily dodges them. He, at one point, tells Rayne that he is impossible to defeat because all the evil children surrender their hearts to Innocent Zero and replace them with demonic hearts that help them recover quickly. We then have a quick flashback to Rayne’s life and he decides to attack the fourth child by summoning the Aria God of War but is defeated by the opponent’s Athena God of Combat summon.

Rayne Ames vs The Fourth Child

Mashley: What happened to Will in Magic and Muscles chapter 119?

Mashley Chapter 118 ends with Rayne Ames surviving the Fourth Child Pole attack and telling him that he will kill him. Rayne Ames is, throughout the series, a kind of side character whose presence doesn’t affect the story all that much. But now, according to stakes, he has become one of the most beloved characters of the readers

The reason for this is simple, and it’s his emotional relationship with his younger brother Finn, which fans are anticipating happening in the next few chapters. Throughout his fight, as Finn yells for his brother to help him defeat the Fourth Child, Rayne simply says he’ll get in the way. This shows how badly he wants to save his brother who is the only one left for his family.

Mashley: Magic and Muscles Chapter 119 - Rayne

Rain challenges the fourth child

This aspect of their relationship will be crucial in the next chapter as Rayne, in his current state, has a very low rate of defeating the fourth child. But if he teamed up with his younger brother and helped him out for once by exchanging attacks using his magical powers, then they would have a chance to defeat him.

If Rayne chooses to trust his brother and has some new hidden magic up his sleeve for the bad kids, that might just work, too. Well, the stage is set for the final battle, moving towards their goal, let’s wait and see what the outcome of this battle will be and if Ramash will recover in time to save everyone. Let’s wait for the next chapter to drop.

Mashley: Magic and Muscles Manga Chapter 119 Release Date?

Mashley: Magic and Muscles Manga Chapter 119 Release Date will be released on August 7th at midnight (JST zone).

  • IST Zone Timings – August 7 at 8:30 PM
  • EST Zone Timing – August 7th at 11:00 AM

Mashley: Where to read Magic and Muscles Chapter 119?

You can read Mashle Chapter 119 and all other available chapters on Viz’s official website or through the Shonen Manga Plus app on your devices.

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