Martha Kalifatidis And Newborn Son Lucius was found to have Covid-19.

Have you heard about Martha Kalifatidis? She’s the lady from “Marriage at First Sight” who got married to a stranger on the show. Unfortunately, she’s been hit with a pretty tough situation – she’s tested positive for Covid-19 along with her newborn baby boy, Lucious. Martha Kalifatidis shared the news on her Instagram Story, where she posted a picture of the positive test result.

She seemed pretty upset about it and wrote “Nooooo, Louch and I have covid” to express her disappointment. Martha has been keeping her fans updated on her health, especially since she recently visited her doctor six weeks after giving birth.

Martha Kalifatidis, the lovely lady from Married at First Sight, has shared some news with us. Unfortunately, she has caught Covid-19, but she’s doing alright and on the road to recovery.

Martha Kalifatidis also mentioned that she’s been feeling a bit down lately, but that’s probably because she pushed herself a little too hard during her appointment with the gynaecologist.

On the bright side, her check-up went well, and her stitches are healing up nicely after her recent procedure.

The doctor also gave her the green light to start exercising again, which has Martha feeling pretty excited. Can’t wait to see her back in action!

The 34-year-old new mom took to her Instagram Story on Thursday to reveal that she and her newborn son Lucious have the coronavirus.

34-year-old lady who just became a mom shared some tough news. She revealed that both she and her newborn son, Lucious, have caught the coronavirus. It must be really hard for them both right now.

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Martha recently gave her fans a health update after seeing her obstetrician six weeks after giving birth to her son.

Martha Kalifatidis just shared some news with her fans about her health after visiting her obstetrician, six weeks after giving birth to her adorable baby boy, Lucius.

She and her fiancé Michael Brunelli were thrilled to welcome their bundle of joy on February 27th. Martha posted a sweet picture of her little one, wrapped up in a cozy blanket, on her Instagram with the caption, ‘Lucius Brunelli.

He’s here, he’s perfect.’ One of her followers, Michelle, even kindly shared the pronunciation of the baby’s name, in case anyone was curious – it’s “loo-shus.”

Martha and her fiance Michael Brunelli welcomed their son Lucius on February 27

Martha and her fiance Michael Brunelli welcomed their son Lucius on February 27

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