Mark Butcher made a mistake, and Jasprit Bumrah clarified it by saying, “I’m behind Kapil Dev.”

The Indian Test squad is being led for the first time by fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah. Under his guidance, England is the opponent in the Edgbaston Test match.

On Friday, July 1, Team India and England will play their fifth Test match at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium. Ben Stokes, the captain of England, chose to bowl first after winning the toss for the game. Former England Test cricketer Mark Butcher erred at this time.

Team India’s fast bowler captain, Jasprit Bumrah, fixed the error. Actually, the current pundit Mark Butcher suggested that you serve as Team India’s lead fast bowler. How do you feel?

This was Bumrah’s response to the butcher.

When the butcher asked this inquiry, Bumrah grinned and responded, “Kapil Dev has already captained me.” I’m following Kapil Dev. The butcher said that Kapil Dev is an all-rounder after hearing this. At this, Bumrah grinned. But let us remind you that Kapil Dev was an all-around quick bowler. In this case, Bumrah is Team India’s second fast bowler behind skipper Kapil.

36th captain of the Indian Test Team is Bumrah

Bumrah is the 36th captain of the Indian Test squad, let us inform you. Additionally, he is the first fast bowler to skipper Team India since 1983 World Cup champion Kapil Dev. The captaincy was held by Kapil Dev from 1983 until 1987. Under his leadership, Team India played 34 Test matches throughout that span, winning 4, losing 7, and drawing 22 of them.

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The captaincy was given to Bumrah in Rohit’s absence

Actually, the Indian side is up 2-1 in this five-Test series from last year. Due to Corona, which is now occurring, the fifth test was postponed. Virat Kohli served as captain the previous time the series began. This time, Bumrah will serve as captain as the show comes to a close. Bumrah was awarded the captaincy when Rohit Sharma tested positive for Corona just before the fifth Test.

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