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The country of Italy is an attractive country located on the continent of Europe and the capital of Italy is Rome. Known as the European Indo, it is one of the 20 most attractive countries in Europe.

The nation of Italy was created by the Greeks in the 9th century… If seen in terms of population, it is the 23rd most populous country in the world and Italy is the 4th most populous country in Europe.

If we look at the area, then the total area of Italy is spread over an area of about 301,338 square kilometres.

If someone talks about the knowledge of science, art and culture. Italy is the first name of the country that comes in our mind.

Italy Tourist Place is very important from a tourism point of view. Tourists from around the country and abroad come to visit Italy and feel a lot of pleasure.

You also want to get information about the country of Italy and its importance… So definitely read this article of ours.

History of Italy

History of Italy

Myths and ancient events related to the history of Italy indicate that it was Napoleon who created Italy. Italy fought numerous battles with the Austrians, and France and England participated in the Italian War… In 1870 AD, Italy’s capital Rome completed the construction of Italy. At this time Victor Emanuel II became the king of Italy but the people of Italy did not like this monarchy, then they also abolished the monarchy in 1946 after the hanging of the king in 1943. Then Italy became an independent country as a republic

Capital of Italy

What is the capital of Italy is often asked, so today you know that the capital of Italy is Rome?

Italian currency

The currency of Italy is the euro.

Italian language

The official language spoken in Italy is Italian.

Celebrations of Italy

Celebration Italian festival

Christmas and Easter are the two most important festivals celebrating in Italy. Christmas is celebrated all over Italy with great fanfare, most shops in Italy are closed on Christmas day and vehicles are also banned. So that everyone can celebrate their holy feast beautifully. There are also Christmas markets in many places. Children love Christmas very much. A festival called St. Day is also celebrated in Italy, where people decorate the graves of their ancestors

Italian food

Italian food

Italy is a country where you a wide variety of foods. After tasting delicious Italian food, you will love to come here again and again. The most famous dishes of Italian cuisine are Pizza, Butter, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Ribolita, Polenta, Osubuko, Risotto, Carbonara, Truffle etc.

Best time to visit Italy

Best time to visit in Italy

April to June and September to October are some of the best months to travel to Italy. The crowds are also low at this time and the weather is very pleasant. You will enjoy a trip to Italy in such situations. Due to favorable weather, you will not have any kind of trouble.

Major tourist and attractive destinations in Italy

Italy is a country full of tourist places. In terms of tourism, there are many such places, there are many cities, by visiting which you will feel the wonderful bliss and the history, culture, and traditions of every city associated with this country. Can get information

Italy’s tourist destination Sorrento

Sorrento, best place in Italy
Located in Southern Italy, on the Amalfi Coast overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the city is of incredible beauty and charm. Home to some of the earliest and most later Roman ethnic tribes, this ancient place has also seen the domination of many states by Ostrogoths, Guimaras, Ottomans, etc., its traces on the architecture and food.



This historic city, founded in the 1st century, has a rich past, culture, and architecture, beautifully shaped over the course of 2,000 years. 


Florence is a vibrant city with everything from culture, history, good food, and good times. Located in the center of Italy, it is one of the most popular and richest cities in the world. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance era and a treasure trove of artistic creations. Florence is surrounded by hills and by vineyards, orchids, and lush green villas. Florence has been named the most beautiful city in the world for its architectural heritage and its artistic diversity. There is so much to discover in this city that every time you are here it will open up a new dimension you never even thought of.
Filled with traditional tourist spots like museums and art galleries that tell its rich history, Florence is also home to some of the most beautiful churches and mosques that offer visitors peace and tranquility. There are numerous gardens and parks where you can stroll in the company of nature. It also offers visitors a vibrant nightlife as it is filled with some of the best night clubs and bars where you can drink, dance, and party deep in your heart.


Milan is part of the attraction, along with the historical montage. The symbols of the city are filled with an impressive and rich cultural heritage. The Doom of Milan boasts Gothic architecture and is the largest tourist attraction center. For art fanatics, the city has a plethora of art museums, Leonardi da Vinci’s Last Banquet and the Pinacoteca de Brera.


If you walk to discover the city of Venice and its many corners, you will still find something interesting and romantic. Speaking of romance, there is no shortage of options for those looking for a wonderful evening with their partner. From a gondola ride to a wine tour, there’s a lot you can see with your partner. The best time to visit Venice for sightseeing is early May, which makes sightseeing easier. The climate in Venice is mostly humid with cool winds and very hot summers. July and August are the hottest months in Venice when the highest temperature can reach 30 degrees. So the best time to visit Venice in April and May, and then September and October.

The main attractions of the city include the church, museum, and square, including St. Mark’s Basilica, the pier, and other such places. They are dedicated to the saints and symbolize the architectural importance of the city. These are popular attractions among locals and tourists who come here to experience the novelty of these places. There are many activities that make tourism in Venice exciting! These include the famous gondola ride over the Grand Canal, watching the opera, and gazing out at the city from the bell tower.


The province of Ferrara or centos both names are famous for its carnival fair.
This carnival has a historical origin, as indicated by a mural painted in the 16th century by Gian Francesco Barbieri (also known as Guarino). A local façade called “Berlingiaco” brings life back to life during street-going festivals. Population by magistrate citizen on Shrove Tuesday. The history of the 17th century-old church makes it one of the historic places to visit in Italy.A perfect spot for a lakeside view.

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Where did you stay on Italy’s trip

If you want to stay here after visiting all the tourist places in Italy, then let us tell you that there are hotels in Italy ranging from low-budget to high-budget.

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How to reach Italy

You can choose flight, train, bus, car or ship to visit Italy tourist destination.

How to get to Italy Flight

If you have chosen an air route for a trip to Italy, then let us tell you that you will reach Italy easily by flight. Italy has international airports in major cities such as Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan and Sicily.

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