Magic Emperor Chapter 309 Release Date: Beast King Mountain

The Magic Emperor is back with the release of two new chapters. It has become a custom for this manga to release two chapters on the same day. Chapter 309 of Magic Emperor reveals the story of Demon King Yifan Zuo. Yifan has been gathering powers and knowledge for thousands of years and uses it to defeat his enemies. But in the past, he was betrayed and reincarnated after his death. However, Yifan has now become a servant and lost his title of Demon King. As a servant, Yifan has a spiritual bond with Lady Luo.

Yifan was reincarnated into Fan’s body and Lady Luo made him a part of her family. But Fan’s goal is to regain the title of Demon King with the help of Lady Luo. Things started to get interesting after the seven houses convened. Before the meeting, Fan promises to stop the threat to his team, but the elders remind him of the other three. The other old geyser reveals about Stervad Zuo, who captured one of the monsters. He realized that catching the other two demons would be a piece of cake.

They also talk about the rankings of the seven houses of rebellion. Zuo Fan is alone thinking something and Chu Qing-cheng comes and questions him. She demands Zuo Fan to reveal why he couldn’t stay longer in Flower City. Zuo Fan said that he was about to achieve his goals and that he could stay since he had done so. Chu Qing reminds Zuo Fan of the days spent in the shack where he was troubled. Zuo Fan realizes that Chu Qing won’t stop asking and tells her that she is just pretending. He also talked Chu Qing into sacrificing his youth to give up the Bodhi Jade.

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Realizing that Zhuo’s admirer was deceiving himself, Chu Qing slapped him. Zuo Fan continues his actions, reminding her about her grandmother’s death and how the Flower Edifice can survive. He asks her to give it to him, and it starts to rain, but Chu Qing notices something and decides to leave Zuo Fan. Zuo Fan vowed to be a heartless demon reformer. Right now, Zuo Fan and the others watch as the Seven Houses arrive. Luo, Chu Qing, Li and Ning Er are unhappy with Zuo Fan’s decision. But Chu Qin looks at Chu Qing and believes that her grandmother is right.

Seven houses

She thinks that Zuo Fan is dead from inside and goes to him with Luo. Chu Qing continues to speak alone, believing that Zuo Fan is not worthy of having any woman in the world. Zuo Fan and Luo heard the noise and knew that Martial Dugu had arrived. Marshal Zuo shouted at Fan, saying that he had come to save the day. They talked about the day Huangpu Qingtian demonstrated his intention. The marshal was afraid that Zuo would fall into a trap, but he was glad that Zuo was fine.

They announce the beginning of the meeting, and one of the citizens believes that the Luo clan does not belong to a particular house, but wants to be the same as the seven houses. Another realizes that this is a challenge to Seven House Authority. Citizens wonder if the seven houses will handle this matter well. One of the clan thought that Zuo Fan dared to kill the elders of the seven houses in order to gain a place in the seven houses. The clans against Zuo notice that Marshall is here and worry why OG has come. Each clan will show its abilities and powers and they will reveal the epic battle on Beast King Mountain.

Magic Emperor Chapter 309 Release Date

Magic Emperor Chapter 309 will release on 13 August 2022. But this manga has released two chapters a few days ago. Magic Emperor releases a new chapter every seven days unless the manga takes a break. Let’s check out the latest updates of Magic Emperor Chapter 309 below.

Zuo fan

Zuo fan

Read Magic Emperor Chapter 309 Online – Raw Details

You can read Magic Emperor Chapter 309 online on various websites. The Magic Emperor manga has not yet announced its official website, but the latest chapters and previous chapters will be updated every week. As soon as new chapters or updates of Magic Emperor are released, we will update them.

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