Machail Mata Yatra By Helicopter Doesn’t Have To be Hard! Read these 6 tips

Machail Mata is a Goddess Divine Durga Shrine popularly  known as Chandi Mata existence situated in the village Machail, from where it obtain its name, in Kistwar District of Jammu Region in India . It may be noted that Goddess Durga is also known as Kaali Maa or Chandi Maa.

Machail Mata Temple:-

Machail Mata is a holy place in Paddar area of Kishtwar District of Jammu & Kashmir,India. The Temple is all over  35Km from Gulabgarh in Paddar area . The nearest place/village from where trekking on foot starts is Massu all over 8Km from Gulabgarh. The foot trekking is around 27Km and the journey is very enjoyable during one month Yatra. (savan mah ).

History of the Machail Mata Temple:-

The temple history is full of miracles about many things. Machail village is 95 km from Kishtwar and thirty kilometers from Gulabgarh, a very beautiful village situated between Bhurj and Bhot Nalla. Nestled in the lap of nature amidst the inaccessible hills, the famous Machail Mata temple in the central part of this village is made of wood. The main part of this temple has an attractive and artistic view of the sea churning. The exterior of the temple has statues of mythological deities built on wooden plaques.

Machail Yatra Complete arrangements:

We were made for the safety of passengers DC Ghulam Nabi Balwan says that complete arrangements have been made for the safety of passengers. Tents have been installed in many places. Full medical care has been made. If there is more passengers, they will be stopped at Gulabgarh. When there is space in Machail, passengers will leave. There will be a full eye on the helicopters. He said that we are keeping pace with the people of the organisation. Hopefully the trip will be well done.

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Machail mata sthan is popularly known, has a lanscape of spotless beauty with hills, Glaciers and tributaries of the Chenab river (Chadrabhaga) .

The shrine was visited in 1981 by Thakur Kulveer Singh of Bhaderwah, Jammu district of j&k from 1987 onwards. Thakur Kulveer Singh started Chhadi yatra that happens every year and thousands of people visit the shrine every year though the pilgrimage take place in the month of August only. During Chhadi yatra that start from chinnot in Bhaderwah to Machail in Paddar.

There are lots super natural happening that the pilgrim experience and report.Machail mata yatra start from 25 july to 5th September 2020 is the month of sawan and open for Pilgrimage for at least one month.

Machail mata traveling facility to visit the shrine , lot of travel agents arrange buses from Jammu, Udhampur, ram nagar , bhaderwah. It takes approximately 10hr by road from Jammu to gulabgarh, as the distance is 290km. The Gulabgarh is the base camp .

From gulabgarh the trekking  begins , which is 32km usually people take 2days to reach the shrine by foot. On the way there are lots of villages where one can stay in the night. The Chaddi takes 3days to reach Machail . Many people organize road side Bhandaras (free food points) on the way to the gulabgarh.

Administrator of j&k also arrange basics amenities for the pilgrims the shrine is closed during the winter months of December , January and February .

Anchors will be installed in these places

Atholi, Gulabgarh, Musu, Siyagi, Kundel, Chashoti, Hamori, Darshangate and Machail Medical Center Medical centers are established in Gulabgarh, Musu, Kundel, Chashoti, Hamori, Machail.

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Other mean to visit the shrine is by helicopter from Jammu and Gulabgarh . The helipad is on the 100 meters from the shrine , but if someone goes by helicopter, he will be missing many scenic beauties of the nature helicopter takes at least 78 minute to reach the darbar.

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Day 1: Jammu-Kishtwar Day 2: Kisthwar- Gulabgarh Day 3: Gulabgarh-Darwar(temple) Day4:Darwar-kishtwar

From Jammu it takes whole day to reach kishtwar is beautiful town. A night stay at kishtwar .
After breakfast drive towards Gulabgarh from kishtwar. It is the significant village of Paddar. It is hub of all the activities that happens in the area. All the transport services run from here , kushtwar town or towards Pangi in himachal pradesh . a night stay at near hotel . The holy place of machal shrine is about 250 km away from Jammu city while 31 km journeyn journey of the pilgrimage with night at Massu Chishoti and the Machail villages is covered on foot . the Satsang of the goddess continues whole night . One of the unique feature of this yatra includes no one can fell homesick while staying at Machail . A night stay at Machail. At the end of the journey journey of the pilgrimage.On reaching connect with your onward journey


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